Sunday, May 23, 2010


News Links, May 24, 2010

In Greek debt crisis, collapse is better than bailout (Bill Bonner)
Six top global crises that have nothing to do with Greek debt (peak oil included!)
After the flood: European cities on the edge of a debt crisis
Libor Shows Strain, Sales Dwindle, Spreads Soar: Credit Markets
Europeans Fear Crisis Threatens Liberal Benefits
Dubai to Centralize Debt Issues by State Companies, Says Sheikh

How China Is Spending Millions To Undermine The World's Biggest Mining Companies
Beijing plans curbs on number of foreigners working in China
China's Stock Market Has Become a Poor Man's Casino: Andy Xie

N.Y. bomb plot probe shows radicalism might be on the rise among Pakistani elite (WashPo)
Pakistan: Giant wave threat to Himalayan valley
All-out efforts made in Pakistan to control power outage (rental power plants!)
Report: Kim Jong Il ordered Cheonan attack
U.S. Warns China of Seriousness of Tensions Between Koreas
'Thailand Has Moved Closer to Civil War'
Yemen marks 20 years of fragile unity

Economic report into biodiversity crisis reveals price of consuming the planet

Israel holds defense drill amid regional tension
Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

French farmers turn Champs-Elysees into huge farm
French farmers bring rural reality to Champs Elysées

Taliban win £1,600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed
Yemeni cleric calls for killing US civilians

UK: BA strikes to go ahead
British Defense Minister Calls For Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Japan: LDP says Japan needs Marines of its own
"Japan's Self-Defense Forces should have the equivalent of the U.S. Marine Corps to mount amphibious operations to take back islets in case they are invaded by foreign troops."
Japan PM apologizes as US base stays on Okinawa

US: Cuomo to Propose Eliminating Many State Agencies
US appoints first cyber warfare general
Housing: Why It's Time to Invest in Bulldozers
Energy Transition: The Intractability of the Built Environment
Amateur sky watchers 'solve mystery of unmanned US space plane'
Gulf oil spill: similar disaster could occur in Arctic later this year
The Governor Who Slashes Budgets With A Smile
Last hurrah for home sales?
Congressman: Gulf Situation So Bad, Fishermen Tell Him They're Considering Suicide
Despite Green Diet, Data Centers Still Gobble Power
"There is a freight train coming that most people do not see, and it is that you are going to run out of power and you will not be able to keep your data center cool enough."

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