Friday, May 28, 2010


News Links, May 29, 2010

How the Exxon Valdez Spill Created the Credit Default Swap
Italy Is About To Be Smashed By A Wave Of Debt Maturities Worse Than Greece
Greek Unions to Strike in June, Call for Joint Action
Spain Loses AAA Rating at Fitch Amid Deficit Crisis
Dubai fears reignite on $1.25bn debt payment delay
Will The USD Be Replaced By The SDR Or The CNY As The Next Reserve Currency?
U.S. in the Early Stages of Debt Deleveraging Cycle

Philippines: Brownouts in Manila

NPT declaration to name Israel

Pakistan: Motorcycle gunmen kill four police officers
Taliban militants attack Lahore mosques, kill 70

North Korea 'is exporting nuclear technology' says UN report
China 'will not protect' Korea ship attackers

U.N. Official To Call For End Of CIA Drone Strikes
Russia's War Games Preparing for Conflict with the East
Iran Navy detects US nuke sub in Persian Gulf

'Maoist sabotage' kills 65 on train in eastern India

Japan jobless rate up, while prices fall in April
U.S., Japan To Keep U.S. Military Base On Okinawa

UK: Children, 4, 'to be fingerprinted to borrow school books from library'
Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials
English Defence League: Inside the violent world of Britain's new far right
Street lights switch-off to save county council money

Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology

US: Holy road trip! Shortage of paint for highway stripes
Senate defeats DeMint's bid to finish U.S.-Mexico 700-mile border fence
Fence alone can't plug porous border
IRS 'Wealth Squads' On The Way
US to Halt 33 Exploration Rigs in Deepwater Review
U.S. Stocks, Oil, Euro Tumble; Dow Ends Worst May Since 1940
Bond Sales Fall to Least in Decade, Yields Soar: Credit Markets
The housing rot is still eating the US economy from the inside
Gulf shrimpers fear oil spill will put them out of business
Congress Weighs Private Pension Bailout
Emerging Trend: More Cities Will Declare Bankruptcy to Lower Public Union Costs
Detroit to bulldoze thousands of homes in fight for survival
The New York Real Estate Market Is Re-Busting
Privacy fears mount as ad targeting grows
Street lights turned off to save money (R. I.)

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