Saturday, May 29, 2010


News Links, May 30, 2010

Dow ends worst May in 70 years
Credit Crisis Indicators Going Bonkers Again! Batten Down the Hatches!
Huge Price Cuts Rumored From Chinese Developers Due To Collapsing Demand
China: The Next Ill Wind?
Graying Germany Contemplates Demographic Time Bomb
China's Currency Manipulation: About to Cause a Global Explosion?
Analysis: Spain government is struggling in crisis

Lake in Pakistan begins to overflow
US mulls unilateral Pakistan raids
India vows to crush Maoists as crash toll climbs

Israel rejects Middle East nuclear talks plan
Israelis see West Bank as a war 'refuge'

Gulf Oil Spill: With so many oil resources, can't we just drill somewhere else?
BP announces 'top kill' has failed to stop Gulf oil leak
Matt Simmons Tells Bloomberg Only Way To Contain Oil Leak Is With Small Nuclear Bombs, "Top Kill" Is Just A Distraction
Barreling Toward Peak Oil

UAE Population leaps to 8.19 million
"The report revealed that last year's falling oil price and higher government spending to tackle the fallout from the global economic crisis had 'completely wiped out' the government surplus in 2009."

European Dream of Desert Energy Takes Shape
"Trucks equipped with large blue cleaning brushes are constantly roaming through the rows of mirrors. 'We clean 24 hours a day,' says Rodriguez."

Insulin giant pulls medicine from Greece over price cut

Millions face hunger in arid belt of Africa

Japan: Ruling Bloc On Brink Of Collapse After Futenma Fiasco
Banks receive over 520,000 applications under debt moratorium law

Scientists claim mobile phones responsible for colony collapse disorder
Riz gets bee buzz right - Experiment shows fallout of mobile radiation

Microsoft's Orwellian tracking system goes public

US: Three American cities on the brink of broke
Pennsylvania's roads worse, despite $600M in stimulus funds, report says
Study Shows Michigan Losing Jobs From Crumbling Roads
Three water mains break in Oklahoma City

And finally... Latvia blondes hold festival to beat recession blues

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