Tuesday, May 04, 2010


News Links, May 4, 2010

Why Greece Will Default
Why the Greek Bailout Won't Work
More investors say China is headed for a crash

ECB suspends rating threshold for Greece debt instruments
Greece crisis fallout: Will Greeks step up riots over austerity measures?

Bomb plot suspect arrested trying to catch flight to Dubai

Argentina turns heat on Falklands shipping

The Next Oil Price Shock

Afghan Surge Strips UAVs from U.S. Forces Elsewhere
US starts anti-al-Qaeda military exercise in Sahara
U.S. Discloses Arsenal of 5,113 Nuclear Warheads
Ahmadinejad at the UN: US the real nuclear threat
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for states who use nuclear threats to be punished

Japan: Tokyo Office Rents Down For 2nd Straight Year
Crude imports rise 6.4%
Iran's oil exports to Japan increase 21%

The next 9/11 -- Made in Israel? (Tehran Times)

Oz: Newcastle opens new coal export terminal

US: Spill Is Major Energy Policy Setback, Yergin Says
Schwarzenegger pulls backing for California offshore drilling
BP official blames failed equipment for Gulf oil spill
Economic data -- not spill -- push oil prices higher
Rahm Working With Fed To Beat Back Audit
Arizona Law Spurs Call for Stronger Border Security
Amazon is tracking most-highlighted Kindle passages
Facebook's New Settings Publish Your Interests, Even If They're Private
NYC Police Question SUV Owner on Times Square Bomb
"Mayor Michael Bloomberg... pledged to add scores of video cameras to bolster security in the most populous U.S. city."
Foreign Connection Eyed In Times Square Bomb Bid
NYC's Terror-Spotting Spycams Stuck in Traffic
The Last Big U.S. Airline Merger?
$150 Oil Would Have Significant Negative Impact on U.S. Corporate Borrowers
Beware the Muni-Bond Bubble
Consumption Growth Continues to Outstrip Income Growth
Ugly truth about state pensions begins to emerge
For backyard-farmer companies, business is bountiful

And finally... Saudi academy to offer PhD in dreaming

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