Wednesday, May 05, 2010


News Links, May 5, 2010

Greek protesters drape banners on Acropolis
Nationwide Strike Tests Greece

The Beginning of the End? Stocks Dive as Volatility Index Soars
The Coming Collapse of Occult Economics and the USD Based System
Merkel's Coalition Calls for EU 'Orderly' Defaults

Terror group taking credit for N.Y. plot
Officials: Pakistan makes arrests over Times Square bomb

Italian police fine Muslim woman for wearing veil

Spain Seen as Moving Slowly on Financial Reforms
Spain feels pain as recession bites

UK: Mortgage lending plummets by 83%
Cash-strapped Britons stay home and watch more TV
Study suggests decline in UK fish stocks more severe than thought
"The UK's modern fishing fleet must work 17 times harder for the same catch as their sail-powered Victorian counterparts."
Britain preventing Mossad diplomat replacement

Controlling Asia's Nuclear Power Tigers

Saudi Arabia raises light crude prices to US, Asia
"Saudi Arabia, which has joint venture refinery projects in China, is seeking to strengthen its role as a supplier to Asia as demand from the US and Europe has slipped with the global financial crisis."

Japan Coast guard suspends marine survey after being chased by Chinese vessel
Japan PM scraps plan to move US base from Okinawa
Japan's child population drops to record low

China Job Squeeze Sends 'Ants' to Fringes

US: Deepwater Horizon oil spill sparks calls for $10bn levy on BP and drilling ban
Next airline merger? Stay tuned
"Industry consulting firm Airlineforecasts recently reported that unless the industry took a significant turn, American and US Airways would 'continue on the slow liquidation path to failure.'"
Local Government Fiscal Emergency: Fresno, CA
'Smart dust' aims to monitor everything
Japan, U.S. to expand cooperation in combating cyberattacks
'White powdery substance' sent to Arizona governor's office
NYC officials push for dramatic expansion of electronic surveillance
Police Detonate Suspicious Bag at Bush Airport

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