Thursday, May 06, 2010


News Links, May 7, 2010

European Union, Currency Are Headed for Collapse: Gartman
Spain Pays Highest Yield Since 2008 After Rating Cut
Stat of the Day: Table of Eurozone Debt and Deficits
Greek Debt Crisis On Verge Of 'Going Global': Pimco's El-Erian
The World's 10 Biggest Sovereign Default Risks
Sovereign default: The spectre that's haunting Europe

Dubai World may stop paying interest on loans

Oil disaster may prove tipping point for world oil production
Peak Oil and the Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico
Planned deepwater oil well off Newfoundland lacks safeguards to avert disaster
Norway's environment minister says BP accident could easily happen in Norway
Salazar Urged to Bar Shell's Plans For Oil Drilling in Arctic
BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill to affect EU shale gas projects

Australia: Bill defaults set to soar: report
Rio Puts Australian Expansion Plans on Hold After Imposition of Mining Tax

Philippine Candidates Use Food for Votes as Hunger Fuels Revolt

Li Ka-Shing Eyes Israel For Oil-Sands, Water Tech

China Developers Turn to Hong Kong as Lending Curbed

U.S. exercise with Gulf states based on defense against attack by Iran
CIA drones have broader list of targets
Media promotes far-fetched 'bin Laden in Iran' report

UK: General Election 2010: Britain's finances 'worse than Greece'
In The U.K., Get Ready For The Great Squeeze

Japan: Income Tax Revenue Reverts To 1982 Level
Troubled Monju reactor revived in Fukui

The Aral Sea Is Disappearing—and With It, the Identity of a Nation

Totnes Energy Descent Action Plan Website Launched Today!!

US: Q1 Bank Earnings Due to Marking Up Assets, Not Fundamentals - Meredith Whitney
Town's residents quash eminent domain plans
Bomb threat aboard bus clears much of downtown Portsmouth, NH; standoff with 1 passenger
U.S. Stocks Plunge Most in Year as 'Panic Selling' Grips Market
SEC, CFTC reviewing 'unusual trading activity'
Citigroup Trading Error Cause Market To Crash? Citigroup Says No
"Regardless of what anyone finds, a trading error did not cause this collapse. The market collapsed because it was ready to collapse."
US Banks Heavily Exposed to Europe Debt Woes: Bove
"There is simply a growing recognition that Greece has got to default."
Gold soars to 5-month high
Lawmakers turning to pension raid again to craft budget
Even With Good Jobs Report Friday, Full Employment May Not Return Until 2015, Avent Says
Health care law will burden businesses with load of new paperwork
US Government Now 96.5% of the Mortgage Market Q1, 2010

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