Friday, May 07, 2010


News Links, May 8, 2010

Countries are risking cyber terrorism, security expert tells first world summit

India Warns U.S. Against Military Aid to Pakistan

Is the Star of David the new swastika?

Euro Will Collapse Like Tower of Babel: Economist
Euro crisis goes global as leaders fail to stop the rot
'Gold is the New Reserve Currency'
Credit Mauled in 'Whiff of '08' as Athens Burns: Credit Markets
Default Fears Soar For Australian Financials

UAE: Hundreds of struggling fishermen share Dh3.8m fuel subsidy
Video: Puru Saxena China & Peak Oil
Only the rich will fly!
Perhaps We'll See Peak Bunker Oil, Too
"Even low-grade oil used to fuel cargo ships is likely to become precious in the age of peak oil."
Escalating transportation costs deflate profits for scrap metal exporters

Afghanistan's Karzai to ask Obama for billions more to fight Taliban

Japan Mar Housing Starts -2.4%, 16th Straight Y/Y Drop
Taiwanese survey ship spotted sailing in Japan's EEZ without approval
Monju's restart hit by faulty gas detector

Pandemic fear clogs hospital ERs

Canada: Journalists cannot protect sources: top court

US: Gulf Coast Fishermen Fear That They Will Be Left With 'Crippled Industry'
"In my opinion, [the shrimpers] are done. Their industry has already plummeted. Diesel's at $4 a gallon. They're selling shrimp for nothing. They're already hanging on by a thread, and now this."
About that 'drill baby drill': False hopes, perilous future
Gulf spill reminds America: The era of 'easy oil' is over
Oil Production In The GOM -- What's At Stake?
Officials: WH reviving Russia civilian nuke deal
Obama's War Machine
"The Pentagon presides over 1,000 overseas military bases."
Lettuce in 23 states recalled over E. coli fears
Increase in household size could slow economic recovery
End of unemployment checks will mean no income for many
Economy creates 290,000 jobs. No, wait! Unemployment rises.
US extends Mexico travel warning over drug violence
White House Denies Reports of Spy Planes Over NYC
U.S. DOE Takes Next Step on Rare Earths Strategy

And finally... Beware of robots armed with knives

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