Saturday, May 08, 2010


News Links, May 9, 2010

Arab world needs $144bn to meet food needs

Spanish banks prepare for refinancing risk as CDSs blow out
Debt crisis: EU leaders announce €70bn plan to protect euro

Clinton warns Pakistan of 'consequences' over extremism
Pakistan tests two nuclear-capable missiles

India's Hunger for Coal Sending it on a Worldwide Search
Iraq seals oil deal with Kurdistan

Is Brazil Developing the Bomb?

Two bombs hit Russia's North Caucasus, one dead

Globalisation helps spread 'exotic' diseases

China: Free money boosts appliance sales

What connections are there between debt, oil prices, and personal income?

UK: Pay is frozen 'for one in three', says Incomes Data Services survey

US: GOM wildlife 'dead zone' keeps growing
Arizona to end freeway speed cameras
"The 78 fixed and mobile cameras monitoring freeways around the state have sparked vandalism and violence in their two years of operation and will be shut down after July 15."
The Near 1,000 Point Slide Of The DJIA Compels Further Investigation Of The Wall Street Casino Scam
U.S. Banks in Four States Closed, Failure Count Climbs to 68
Gore admits he was wrong about ethanol, acknowledges peak oil
Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record
FCC hands Hollywood the keys to your PC, home theater and future
Gates seeks big cuts in military spending
Did hard times create the Times Square bomber?
High-End Homeowners Falling Into Foreclosure Trap

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