Thursday, June 10, 2010


News Links, June 11, 2010

-- Global economic collapse --
Gold: The World's True Reserve Currency (Forbes)
World Bank report warns about European crisis
Debt Spreading 'Like a Cancer': Black Swan Author
Gold soars as the dow drops: why that's bad news for you (Bill Bonner)
Big Risk: $1.2 Quadrillion Derivatives Market Dwarfs World GDP
France selling 1,700 buildings to help cut debt
Revalue Renminbi or Dogs Unleashed, Patterson Says
Why Bulgaria is the next big worry for the eurozone

-- War/military/arms
Arab league chief accuses Israel of atrocities
Israel issue dominates Turkey-Arab forum
Taliban Aim at Officials in a Wave of Killings
Taliban website hacked
Germany retires more than half of its subs to cut costs
NATO Chief Sets Out Austerity Principles
Russia to go ahead with Iran anti-aircraft missile sale
USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil

China's May exports up 48.5%
China Labor Unrest Spreads, Posing Challenge to Beijing
Turning Gold Into Straw: Steel Production Cuts Coming

Japan central bank might provide banks with cash to make loans

-- Energy/resources --
Costly Nuclear Fusion Demo Worries Cash-Strapped EU
New solar power plant for Abu Dhabi
"Plans call for more frequent cleaning of mirrors than at similar plants in Europe."
Leaking from China's Oil and Gas Pipelines
"China may be leaking more oil and gas from its pipeline network than any country in the world, much of it because of criminal activity."
China's coal demand likely to hit 3.8 bln t in 2015
Next Generation Biofuels: 5 Near-Term Challenges
Peak Oil, FTW (Check out the surprising chart)
"For a world that has enjoyed oil's high energy-density for the past 70 years, the transition to lower energy-density sources presents 'a problem' to say the least."
'Drilling' for oil with ... nuclear weapons? The US has done it.
Fears of Rare Earth Shortages Rise

-- Oil spill --
BP shares plunge to 13-year low as US government intensifies pressure
What Congress was told Wednesday about the BP oil leak
BP oil spill: US will 'take action' to stop BP dividend
Panel of 7 judges will sort out dozens of oil spill lawsuits
BP debt to be rated as junk? Bond and derivatives market say yes.
Oil from the spill reaches Pensacola waterways
BP Oil Spill: Is it time for the Pentagon to take over?
The New Flow Rate Is Out: Government Says Daily Spill Is Up To 40K Barrels Per Day

-- Food --
Fresh farm raids in Zimbabwe: union
"Productive agriculture is on the verge of collapse."
Study: Shrinking glaciers to spark food shortages in Asia
Vanishing Farmland: How It's Destabilizing America's Food Supply
"Farmland is disappearing at an alarming rate as farms are sold off and developed into suburban housing, shopping malls and transportation systems."

Mexico arrests Los Zetas gang 'leader' in Monterrey, gunmen respond with attacks

UK: Illegal stop and searches could mean compensation for thousands

US: N.Y. State could face government shutdown on Monday, sources tell AP
Another Utterly Failed Prop Job (Housing)
Amendment Requires Reports on Foreign Holdings of U.S. Debt
The U.S. Dollar Is Doomed: How to Protect Yourself
Mortgage rates near 54-year low, but few Americans can afford to take advantage
Economic predictor set to turn negative, spook market
Q1 Flow Of Fund Indicates Ongoing Private Sector Credit Contraction, Consumer Wealth Growth Due Purely To Equities
Social Security Payouts Are Already Crippling The Government This Year
*I've said it a million times: Kiss retirement goodbye.
Record Number of Foreclosed Homes Seized by Banks in May
Only a fraction of those in need file for bankruptcy, many can't afford to do so
Hedge Funds Crash in May

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