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News Links, June 15, 2010

Angela Merkel's government threatened with collapse

-- Global economic meltdown --
Stephen King: The moment of truth will be the day the US opts to default by stealth
Greek government bonds downgraded to junk status by Moody's
PIMCO Warns Of Possible Euro Breakup, Sees Currency Heading Lower
France austerity plan to cut spending by 45 bln euros
Austerity budgets could rock Europe
Europe's Banks Face Second Funding Squeeze on Sovereign Crisis
Banking Crisis: Europe Banks the next to fail en masse
Glimpses of the End Game

-- Resources/energy --
U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan
Before You Start Freaking Out Over Afghanistan's $1 TRILLION In Mineral Deposits...
7 Signs the Fossil Fuel Party Is Over (Discovery Channel)
New Study: Biomass Worse Than Coal
Soaring Chinese Power Consumption Shows No Sign Of A Major Slowdown
Winners and Losers from The Gulf Oil Spill
China signs new gas pipeline deal with Kazakhstan

-- Fault lines --
Russia beefs up forces in Kyrgyzstan
Russia prepares to move in to stop Kyrgyzstan violence spreading
Kyrgyzstan faces humanitarian crisis as Uzbeks flee slaughter
ICRC says Israel's Gaza blockade breaks law
3 Israeli police officers wounded in West Bank shooting attack
Pakistan, Taliban: Thick as Thieves
Separatist party wins big in Belgian election
Israeli UAV deal with Russia stumbles
South Korea Will Boost Military Readiness, Lee Says
Mexican Gunmen Kill 10 Police as 28 Die in Jail Riot

Spain: Barcelona bans burkas in public buildings
Australia proposes penalty of 10 years in jail for those who threaten to bomb planes, airports
Cash-strapped Caribbean states mull military outlays for war on drugs
China: AgBank Seeks to Raise Up to $23.1 Billion

UK: Manhole cover theft sending road repair cash down the drain
Soaring public sector pensions bill threatens attempts to cut deficit
UK business confidence sees 'record drop'
Hidden debt is the country's real monster (debt-to-GDP ratio: 62% and growing!)
Fiscal watchdog downgrades UK growth forecast
Most universities 'cutting or freezing places'

Japan: Kan Says Bond Issuance Must Stay Under Y44.3 trillion
Half of Japan's nuclear reactors in trouble

US: Imagining Life Without Oil, and Being Ready (NYT)
State bridge deficit: At least 120 Mnnesota bridges are deficient
Gulf oil spill: BP faces $34bn in fines as Senate smashes estimates
Obama: Gulf seafood is safe to eat (and NYC air was "safe to breathe" after 9/11)
Small businesses "collapse" around the Gulf
Pressure building to cut US deficit
Anti-Obama ad: 'Gather your armies'
Echoes Of The Great Depression (Forbes)
FAA under pressure to open US skies to drones
The 51st Police State: U.S. National Guard being used to 'fight crime' in Puerto Rico
US Treasury Rolls $284 Billion In Bills, $316 Billion In Total Debt In First 10 Days Of June, Cash Balance Down To $4 Billion
Fannie-Freddie Fix at $160 Billion With $1 Trillion Worst Case

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