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News Links, June 16, 2010

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-- Global economic meltdown --
BOJ to Offer 3 Trillion Yen to Spur Corporate Loans
Conspiracy and the Impending Spanish Bank Collapse: Who Needs TV for Entertainment?
China's Bank Regulator Sees Growing Real Estate Risks
Greece and China in multibillion-euro deals
BofA to limit duration of trades with BP
"BP's five-year CDS costs have jumped to 515 basis points, or $515,000 per year to insure $10 million for five years, from around 40 basis points in April."
EU: 12 States to Meet Deficit Targets (austerity in action)
Japan to Pledge Budget Freeze
Double-Dip Risk Is Rising in the Euro Zone: Roubini
Central GoldTrust Announces Proposed Offering (for gold bullion purchases)
Euro contagion spreading to Middle East
What fiscal austerity looks like

-- Food --
Food prices to rise by up to 40% over next decade, UN report warns
We need a global debate on population

-- Fault lines --
Saudi Embassy Clarifies False Media Accusations
Iran sending aid ships to Gaza, Iranian agencies say
Iran's IRGC Says No Plans To Escort Gaza Ships
EU to introduce new Iran sanctions
Turkish Drones Idle After Israeli Staff Leaves
After Israel's Gaza flotilla raid, is Turkey rejecting Europe?
Russia 'to embark on £8 billion arms shopping spree'
Ireland to expel Israeli diplomat

-- Resources/energy --
Afghan Lithium and Other Mineral Nonsense
Timing of Afghan Mineral Story Wealth Evokes Skepticism
Factories to Close so People Can Watch World Cup in Bangladesh
Business leaders predict 'global oil supply crunch and price spike'
Bill Gates-Backed Nuclear Power Startup, TerraPower, Gets $35 Million
Kuwait's power consumption is close to overloading its grid as summer temperatures soar

-- Oil gusher --
Matt Simmons Revises Leak Estimate To 120,000 Barrels Per Day, Believes Oil Covers 40% Of Gulf Beneath The Surface
Scientists: Oil leaking up to 2.52M gallons daily
BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage
Will Obama Force BP into Bankruptcy?
BP Seriously Just Purchased 32 Oil Cleanup Machines From Kevin Costner

UK: Public sector pension costs 'to double in five years'
One in five getting into debt to fund living costs
Waste review will lead to more slop buckets

Mexico: Gunmen kill 15 federal police officers in 2 attacks

Japan: 60% Of Securities Firms Mired In Red, JSDA Figures Show

US: Military says two people with weapons detained at Florida Air Force base
Government spending and the façade of a successful economy
Economy down, volunteering up
Israel 'blocks' Jordan nuclear bid, King Abdullah says
Credit Card Defaults Fall for Fifth Straight Month
Bay area utility shut downs could lead to rate increases
"Power companies with plants that have saltwater intakes already have response plans in preparation for the worst-case scenario. This could include shutting down electric generation plants to avoid oil-caused damage to equipment."
To Illinois Residents: Move. Now.
Internet 'kill switch' proposed for US
What happens if your state government shuts down?

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