Thursday, June 17, 2010


News Links, June 18, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
ECB must buy 'hundred of billions' of bonds to tame Europe's debt crisis
Elliot Wave predicts triple-digit Dow in 2016
Government Expanded 'Like a Cancer': Marc Faber
Spanish/German Bond Spread at Euro Lifetime High
Russia Revives Plan for Financial Hub
Milan Proving Bust for Italian Tower as Luxury Lofts Go Begging
Gold ends at a record high
Chanos Shorting Majors
"If you look at their cash-flow statements relative to their income statements, you will see companies that haven't replaced reserves in years."

-- Energy/resources --
Wealthy Kuwait hit by power crisis
Heat wave strains power grids across GCC
"The GCC region is undergoing a heat wave that is hospitalising labourers, breaking down electricity substations and pushing power stations to the limit."
Filipino energy privatization falters
China's energy policy leans toward supply
Afghanistan claims mineral wealth is worth $3trillion
Russian gas line may run through Romania

-- Fault lines --
US lawmakers warn Turkey of payback over Iran, Israel policies
China Accelerates Planning for Space Command
Obama administration unveils new Iran economic sanctions
EU approves new sanctions on Iran
Black-Market Gas Shelters Iran
Iran state shipping company beating sanctions by deception
Russia slams U.S., Europe sanctions on Iran
Saudi may enrich uranium for nuke power
Four policemen and 10 fighters killed in Dagestan clashes
Israel raid raises war risk -Syria's Assad
Kyrgyzstan troubles to spur rise of al Qaeda in Central Asia, says UN official
Iran says will respond in kind to ship cargo inspections

Electronic Armageddon: How An EMP Bomb Would Be A Deathblow To Life As We Know It

-- Oil gusher --
BP Said to Seek at Least $5 Billion of Credit Lines
BP Cancels Dividend, Plans Asset Sales to Finance Spill Fund
Sea creatures flee spill, gather near shore
With Criminal Charges for Oil Spill, BP Costs Could Soar
16 Questions About the Gulf Oil Spill that Need Answering
BP's oil recovery stats show how wrong leak estimates were
Brazil quietly secures its offshore oil platforms
Nigeria threatens US oil firm with sanctions over spills

China: Hainan Property Market Collapses
China's Auto Market Keeps Booming
Chinese debt binge is fuelling a dangerous property bubble

UK: Million elderly with care needs 'could be left unsupported' as cuts bite, charity warns
David Cameron sets out Britain's "red lines" on economic sovereignty

Japan: National sales tax may be doubled to 10%

US: Banks may end free checking accounts: report
Illinois Debt-Default Insurance Climbs to Record High
U.S. Debt Bomb Detonation Expedited By Five Years
California may sell ads on license plates
Detroit To Close 32 Public Schools
Chicago schools face budget cuts. Will teachers' union budge?
More families are homeless and on the streets
Report: Nation's economic collapse triggers rise in homeless families
Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base
Text messages can be searched says Supreme Court
ER visits for pain reliever abuse up 111% in 4 years
U.S. funds chemical weapon antidotes
Ethanol Industry Produces a Top Ten Enemies List
Is Homeland Security Expecting a Major Terror Attack?
"There are so many terrorist drills lately with many more planned over the coming months, you'd think the Department of Homeland Security was preparing for something BIG."
Government approves hundreds of new drilling leases

And finally... Nestle to Sail Amazon Rivers with a Supermarket Barge to Reach Emerging-Market Consumers

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