Tuesday, June 01, 2010


News Links, June 2, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Warning Signs Of Full Spectrum Collapse Are Everywhere
Oz housing bubble sparks mortgage madness
IMF Economist Argues Home Prices Still Have Far To Fall
Gold To $10,000?
China told property risk is worse than U.S.
China's shift away from cheap labor hard on all
Economic confidence sags across indebted eurozone
ECB Warns of $239 Billion in Further Bank Loan Losses
Euro-zone unemployment rises to 10.1% in April
Euro Bailout Plan is all about Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks
Bundesbank Attacks ECB Bond-Buying Plan
"Officials worry that the bond buying program is being used for a stealth bailout of euro-zone banks holding Greek debt."
BP shares plunge 15% on 'top-kill' failure, criminal probe
BP accident has dragged down performance of entire oil industry
India Experiences Its Own Flash Crash, And Everyone's Claiming It Was A Fat Finger
A Primer: Sovereign Debt Defaults = Social Unrest + Much Higher Gold Prices

-- War drums/military --
S.Korean troops stage major drill near tense border
Israeli planes under anti-aircraft fire over Lebanon -source

-- Energy --
Deepwater Horizon and the Technology, Economics, and Environmental Impacts of Resource Depletion
African Development Bank triples capital base to address continent's critical power shortage
Kuwait to use wind energy to counter summer power shortages
"Power is sold at 12 percent below its production cost."
China may overtake Japan as world largest coal importer
Mideast urged to tap heavy oil resources
New pipeline won't sate Asian oil demand
Hurricane winds can rupture undersea oil pipelines

China: Man with submachine gun blows away three judges

-- Israeli raid and repercussions --
In raw video, reporters claim Israelis fired on activists before boarding ship
Israeli raid met with global protests
U.N. Security Council 'condemns' fatal raid
Turkey: Future Gaza Aid Ships Will Have Military Escorts
Israeli raid on Freedom Flotilla shatters key Turkey-Israel ties

Al-Qaida: No. 3 official killed with family
Maoist leader promises 'security' for Indian trains
India train derailment raises fear of copycat attacks
"...points to a trend that can confront governments worldwide with a security risk of major proportions."

'Noise pollution' threatens fish
Undersea Oil Clouds Adrift in Gulf May Create Oxygen `Dead Zones'

UK: Paid more than the PM: 170 highest-earning civil servants revealed
Chris Huhne warns of £4bn black hole in nuclear power budget
British government investigates resource shortages

US: Jamaica bloodshed has its roots in Miami's drug-running past
Supreme Court: Suspects must explicitly invoke Miranda rights
Some homeowners just stop paying mortgages
Is there such a thing as an unsustainable level of debt?
US Mint Sells More Gold Coins In May Than Any Month Since January 1999
U.S. opens criminal probe of Gulf of Mexico disaster

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