Monday, June 21, 2010


News Links, June 22, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Saudis Hoard Twice as Much Gold as Thought
US: Private Sector Debt: The Next Catastrophic Bubble to Pop
More Downside to Come Before 'Great Unraveling' Is Over
Dubai Companies May Face More Debt Restructuring, Moody's Says
Another 'Flash Crash' Coming? Some Market Pros Think So
Japan Tax Increase Could Take Years
Austerity was a hard sell in the 40s. Today it's harder still
4 Urgent Warnings From The Most Unlikely Source

-- Fault lines --
Catholic Church warns of cartel control in Mexico
Russia cuts Belarus gas supplies over debt
Belarus 'to pay for Russian gas debt' within two weeks
Why Russia is cutting off gas supplies to Belarus
Russia reassures Lithuania on gas supply
Iran bans UN nuclear inspectors
Abnormal radiation detected at Korean border
India and China Battle over Sri Lanka
Somalia: Unpaid soldiers storm presidential palace
Fourteen die as gangs target buses in El Salvador
Bombings, deadly protests point to long, hard summer in Iraq
Counterterrorism help from Pakistan is insufficient, report finds
Iran out, but Russia eyes Turkey for S-300
Former Israeli intelligence chief calls for preemptive strike on Iran
Gates Nixes Idea Of 'Containing' Nuke-Armed Iran

-- Energy/resources --
Vietnam: Unrest over rolling blackouts in countryside
Gulf oil spill worsens -- but what about the safety of gas fracking?
Acergy to buy Subsea 7 in oil and gas engineering deal
Australia, China Sign Deals Worth Over $8.8 Billion
Iraq electricity minister resigns after deadly protests over power shortages
After BP oil spill, 'peak' oil seems nearer than ever
"By prompting President Obama to suspend deep-water drilling in US offshore waters, the Gulf oil spill is pushing up the date at which the world's conventional oil production peaks."
Here Are 20 Signs That China Is Cornering The Global Oil Market
Major labour shortage predicted for oilpatch by 2014
Iran importing 18 mln litres of gasoline/day, faces no limitations so far: report
China's Restrictions on Rare Earths Said to Be Targeted by U.S.

-- Food --
Starvation threat prompts West Africa appeals
Severe drought threatens Thailand's rice harvest

-- Oil gusher --
Deepwater Horizon worker claims oil rig leaking weeks before explosion
BP Says Oil Spill Costs Reach $2 Billion
Browner Says BP Claims Probably Will Surpass $20 Billion
US Gulf oil drilling ban is destroying 'eco-system of businesses'

US: San Francisco school budget: Cut, cut, cut
Raising a child costs 22% more now than in 1960, report says
Taxes coming for $1 trillion in commercial real estate
In Budget Crisis, States Take Aim at Pension Costs
Fed Emerging Intact From Challenge to Its Power
"Gasland": Will Natural Gas Save America ... or Destroy It?
Keynesianism For Kretins (sic): The New York Fed Launches Propaganda Comic Book
More borrowers in trouble despite federal help -- Result could be a new wave of foreclosures as thousands exit program
U.S. Creates New Agency To Oversee Drilling
State of emergency declared in PA town
The U.S. War Addiction: Funding Enemies to Maintain Trillion Dollar Racket
Texas Can't Afford To Buy New Far-Right Textbooks
Maine to Face Shortage of Skilled Workers, Study Indicates

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