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News Links, June 24, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Geithner and Summers lay out their G-20 agenda (WSJ)
Asia tops Europe in wealth survey
Ranks Of Japan's Rich Grew 21% In '09: Report
Disbanding The Euro--A Worst-Case Scenario
Soros Says Germany Could Cause Euro Collapse
Soros: Europe's Banks Haven't Been `Cleansed'
Baltic Dry Index Down 17 Days in a Row
T-Minus 7 Days To A LIBOR-Induced Liquidity Crunch?
Sovereign debt, account imbalances threatening Canada's financial stability
Gulf monetary union faces hurdles

-- Fault lines --
Japan considers refueling of warships off Somalia
Russia cuts gas supplies to Belarus by 60%
Belarus 'pays Russian gas debt'
Strikers disrupt ferries in main Greek port
What's on Pakistan TV talk shows? Extremists.
Iran ups uranium enrichment
George Soros fears Europe unrest, nationalism and xenophobia

-- Energy --
Thousands protest power shortages across Iraq
Surge in small-scale hydropower schemes since 2000 (UK)
Tenaga CEO: Malaysia May Face Power Shortage In 2015 If No New Plants
Power and water cut off to overcrowded villas (Dubai)
Chinese natural gas shortage to exceed 10 billion cubic meters
Asia's thermal-coal imports seen hitting record in 2011
Peak Oil Review interviews Jeff Rubin
Vietnam Plans to Build 13 Nuclear Reactors by 2030
Dubai seeks renewable, nuclear energy mix
U.S. Gas Producer Taps Sovereign Funds Amid Offshore Oil Anxiety
Oil demand to be boosted by China, India, says IEA

-- Oil gusher --
Methane In Gulf "Astonishingly High": U.S. Scientist
Not just oil: Methane gas may cause 'dead zones' in Gulf
BP Oil Spill: Gas Lines, Higher Food Prices and a Broken Economy
Oil gushes unchecked after BP submarine accident
When you think BP, think asbestos
"The oil company's situation resembles that of the asbestos companies that were flooded with claims and forced into bankruptcy."

-- Food --
D-Town: African American Farmers, Food Security and Detroit

UK: Budget: David Cameron warns over public sector pensions
UK's "Unavoidable" Austerity Budget Takes on Public Sector Unions
Pensions shake-up could see most people working into their seventies

US: California faces $19 billion budget deficit despite massive cuts
Notorious Private Military Company Blackwater up for Sale
Small Business Lending: Still Dry Three Years Later
New home sales plunge to record low
Lumber Just Keeps Getting Crushed, Now Officially A "Reverse V"
Interior secretary to issue new drilling ban
Fascism Enters Through "Terror" Door
Homeland Security to deploy more drones on Mexico border
U.S. Health Care Ranks Low Among Developed Nations: Report
Netflix Backs U.S. Postal Service Saturday Delivery Cut
Inside the Dire Financial State of the States (Time)
Congress To Debate Cellphone Tracking
NY law would be 1st to take DNA from all criminals

And finally... Eliot Spitzer will co-host CNN program

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