Friday, June 25, 2010


News Links, June 26, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
The Next Icelandic Banking Crisis
Spain: The Next EU Sovereign Debt Crisis, Coming Soon
Top Official: Europe Has Run out of Deficit Spending
Greece Swaps Surge to Record, Signaling 68.5% Chance of Default
Hundreds of Romanians try to storm palace in austerity protest
Romania forced to find alternatives to austerity plans
Romania's Vladescu 'Optimistic' on Receiving Next IMF Bailout Payment
China's Historic De-Pegging Is Much Ado About Nothing
Italy's Largest Union Strikes to Protest Berlusconi Government Budget Cuts
France Targets $49 Billion in 2011 Deficit Cuts, Fillon Says
G20 summit: Rifts in Toronto as US warns EU of double-dip recession risk
Japan's Excess Debt Up Y34.7tln In FY08

-- War drums --
Fidel Castro warns of possible clash between Israel, Iran
How A Regime Change In Iran Would Transform The World (Forbes)

-- Fault Lines --
Iraq reverting to its former freedom-less ways
"Under American stewardship, Iraq has grown to be one of the half-dozen most corrupt nations on earth."
Iraq shuts down Saudi-funded TV offices
Pakistan to monitor Google, Yahoo
Russia plans second military base in Kyrgyzstan
Russia set for $12B arms spree
Envoy: U.S. To Build Training Center In Tajikistan
Gulf states seek to cash in on arms buys
Drug War Besieges Mexico's Northern Metropolis
Global systemic crisis / Second half of 2010: The global system's four single points of failure
Beating death in Egypt ignites protests over police brutality
Yemen forces clash with al-Qaeda
Kazakhstan Setting the Pace in Caspian Naval Race
India Moves Toward Faster Defense Acquisitions
Toronto gets 'secret' arrest powers ahead of G20 protests

-- Energy/resources --
China discovers 180 oil and gas fields in South China Sea, expert
EU Mulls 12 Years More State Aid For Coal: Draft
Iraqis' power cut protests powered by grass-roots anger
Africa's Water Most Precarious, Iceland Best: Study
Water shortage becoming critical in Islamabad
India to scrap petrol subsidies in bid to cut budget deficit
12% rise in Riyadh electricity demand - report

-- Food --
Biologist: Ocean pollution 'threatening the human food supply'

-- Oil gusher --
BP share slide as oil spill bill climbs to $2.35bn
Deepwater Horizon: The Best-Case and Most-Likely Scenarios
Storm may slam Gulf, BP cleanup sites
The Gulf food chain's broken links

UK: Government axing websites to save millions
Revealed: How 'zero-grazing' is set to bring US-style factory farming to Britain
Student numbers to drop by 100,000 in five years
Despite FSA protections we face a wave of homelessness
Accept cuts or we'll target pensions, David Cameron warns unions
State pension Ponzi scheme unravels with retirement at 70

US: 7 Reasons Why Housing Is Going to Get Even Worse
The US housing horror story is about to get even worse
States of Crisis for 46 Governments Facing Greek-Style Deficits
Gov. Kulongoski orders 9% budget cuts across Oregon
Focusing On Crumbling State And Local Budgets
Corporate Bond Sales in U.S. Slump 19% as Economic Recovery Shows Strain
Double Dips Coming Everywhere
Pension Fund Bailouts, Unfunded Liabilities and Tax Revolts -- Oh My!
Chicago prepares for losing its handgun ban
Using foods to prevent cancer a trend
Whooping Cough Epidemic Rages in California: 5 Babies Dead, 910 Infected
Congress Approves New Penalties Against Iran
"Gasland" - The Industry Strikes Back
New congressional caucus focuses on plight of honeybees
48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights
Comprehensive Cyber Legislation Approved

And finally... South Africa: Thieves strip police station, take even kitchen sink

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