Monday, June 28, 2010


News Links, June 29, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Bahrain's SWF Full-Year Loss for 2009 More Than Doubled
Ag Bank of China to set IPO record
G20 nations commit to halving budget deficits by 2013
Central Banks Warn of New Crisis If Exit Left too Late
Debt-shackled US consumers can't buy world's prosperity: Obama
The Third Depression (Paul Krugman)
"We are now, I fear, in the early stages of a third depression."
US Needs to Stop Spending: Former IMF Economist
G20: Paving the way for a new Great Depression?
RBS tells clients to prepare for 'monster' money-printing by the Federal Reserve
ECB liquidity cliff risk, updated
Inside the US: How bad is it?
Spanish Banks In Panic Mode Over Maturity Of ECB's €442 Billion Long-Term Refinancing Operation
Tighter budgets, bank reform needed now: BIS

-- War drums --
Italian PM: Israel 'will probably react preemptively' on Iran
Panetta: Iran Has Enough Uranium to Make Two Bombs

-- Fault lines -
AFRICOM using private contractors to gain foothold in Africa
West worries China may undermine Iran sanctions efforts
France's Total halts Iran gasoline sales: report
Israeli plane barred from Turkey after Gaza raid
North Korea threatens 'new' nuclear deterrent
Chavez denounces Israel as a 'genocidal' government
Mexican candidate shot dead on campaign trail
Pirates seize Singapore cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden
North Korea sinking of South Korean warship not terrorism, US says
Burqa bans grow fashionable in Europe

-- Food --
Venezuela's private retailers targeted as Hugo Chávez declares 'economic war'
US States ease food safety rules for homemade goods
Russian wheat price pressures others

-- Energy/resources --
New oil field 'one of region's largest finds' (UK)
*Do the math! 300 million barrels = less than four days world supply.

Japan's Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Rises to 5.2%, Households Cut Spending

-- Oil gusher --
Thick Oil Soils Mississippi Shore As Storm Looms
BP oil spill: Bill hits $100m a day
BP 'staked future on expanding offshore drilling'
BP oil spill costs reach $2.65bn
BP oil spill: New York Fed checking on Wall Street firms' exposure to oil company
Scientists predict above-average Gulf 'dead zone'
Boycott of BP is a tall order
BP Sued Over Losses in Employee Pension Plan

UK: Officers claim they don't need law to stop photographer taking pictures
Big cut in number of police on the streets due to smaller budget

US: State Budget Crises Threaten Social Fabric
Building boom, retail crash leave strip malls scrambling to fill space
Gun lobby victory as every American's right to bear arms upheld by ruling
10 alleged Russian secret agents arrested
State budgets: Classrooms or Prison Cells?
Cash-strapped states cut everything, except the grass
California's state parks need maintenance, and it shows
With the clock ticking, Sacramento set to blow another budget deadline
Illinois Borrowing $900 Million as Credit-Default Insurance Cost Doubles
Huge tent city takes root (Hawaii)
White House Talks Up Online ID Plan

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