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News Links, June 4, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
The Euro Is Washed Up — But the Dollar Is No Better
*US implicit debt-to-GDP ratio: 570%!
UK economy cannot survive on insurance and ringtones
Debt Crisis May Cause Run on Europe Banks: Strategist
Eurozone banks park record cash
Cut derivatives volumes down to size, says European Parliament report
Covered Bond Sales Surge; Transocean Tumbles: Credit Markets
Greek Transport, Media in 24-Hour Strike Against Austerity Plan
Fed's Central Bank Swaps Increase By $5.4 Billion To $6.6 Billion
In victory for unions, Australia raises minimum wage

-- War/military --
North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon
U.S. Carrier To Join S. Korea Anti-Submarine Drill
Tension in Korea: A sunken ship, and talk of war
UN urges end to CIA drone attacks
Bundeswehr Might Be Cut By 100,000 Troops
UK Armed Forces numbers 'could shrink by one quarter', think tank claims
Security Firm: 2009 Cyber Attack Stretched Over Months
"By [the time the attack was discovered], companies from Google to Intel to Adobe to Yahoo had been robbed of source code, industrial secrets and other valuable intellectual property."
Apartheid-era minister carried 'nuclear trigger' in hand luggage from Israel to South Africa
Pakistan rules out offensive against Punjab militants
"Any suggestion that the war is now spreading to the rest of Pakistan would raise concerns about the country's stability - both at home and abroad."
Top 10 military spending nations; oil countries post biggest jumps this decade
S. American arms spending up, says SIPRI
Malaysia To Join Cobra Gold Military Exercises

Japan: JAL puts on hold training for 151 future pilots

Strike at Honda car plant in China ending, but could this just be the beginning?

India has massive police shortage: minister

'Prepare for war': tensions rising over Brazil's controversial Belo Monte dam

After the Israeli flotilla incident, Turkey is the new Palestinian champion
Gaza flotilla: Turkey accused of behaving like Iran by Israel
Turkey will "never forgive" Israel

-- Oil --
Insurers Raise Oil Rig Prices 50% After BP Spill, Moody's Says
Oil industry labour shortage forecast
BP May Sell Prudhoe Bay Stake as Spill Costs Mount
Study: Oil may spread thousands of miles
Iraq plans dozens of new oil wells
Shell back in business with Iran, resumes gasoline shipments

Nuclear giants stockpile fuel while price is cheap

Thai troops step up watch on Red Shirts in north

Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests

Electric Vehicle Air Pollution: Can Report Force Some Soul-Searching Before It's Too Late?
Severe drought causes hunger for 10 million in west Africa

US: Crews in Okla. working to repair sinkhole that has forced closure of Interstate 44 in Tulsa
US Embassy in Iraq Missing Property Worth Millions
Adieu, Mercury. Which brand's next?
Feds halt new drilling in Gulf of Mexico
Still Deep In The Hole, States Are Likely To Raise Taxes Further
Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy
Key Indicators Of A New Depression
Oregon's small-scale farms worry about sweeping food safety bill

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