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News Links, June 7, 2010

-- Austerity chic --
Politics, austerity raise concern over Eastern Europe
Germany joins EU austerity drive with €10bn cuts
Hungary Is Preparing Public for Austerity Plan, Roubini Says
Pakistan presents austerity budget to stabilise its struggling economy
The 'age of austerity' lies ahead

Iran denies plan to dump euros for dollars

BP's rivals rally round as industry faces turning point
"The costs of oil projects are set to soar as governments insist on tougher environmental safety standards in the wake of the spill."

Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers
US to 'reassure' Baku amid complaints of neglect: Gates
Russia: U.N. peacekeeping supported in "uncontrolled" areas
Al-Qaida offshoot grows in the desert (Africa)
Iran using Dubai to smuggle nuclear components
US to go ahead with 'essential' drone attacks in Pak despite UN call to stop
With U.S. Aid, Warlord Builds Afghan Empire
Report: Turkish PM May Sail to Gaza Himself
Iran's navy offers to escort Gaza ships
Lee Sharpens Rhetoric at Pyongyang, but admits that SKorea can't go to war
AP Enterprise: Sub attack was near US-SKorea drill

My bright idea: Learn to want less

UK: Economic problems 'worse than thought', says Cameron
David Cameron: cuts 'will change British life'

Nalco sees $40 mln in oil-dispersant sales by week-end
BP's dispersant Corexit is harmful & dangerous

US: No money to build bridges, no money to repair roads
Virginia cannot mow all its road shoulders, asks for volunteers
Arizona pushes for highway rest area commercialization to keep rest areas open
Security of public parks difficult to maintain, drug dealers running rampant
Conn. credit rating downgraded
More Than Half a Million Job Losses Coming
10 States Where An Absurd Percentage Of The Population Works For The Government
Police department hands out $30,000 in grocery vouchers for guns
Major cuts: High schools face hard economic lessons
"The library at Silver Creek High is open for only an hour a day. The career center is closed. There is no more summer school. And student athletes must pay $200 each."
Agents feared Mexican drug cartel attack on border dam

And finally... Rat fur: the latest fashion accessory

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