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News Links, June 8, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Hungary fears send stock markets tumbling
Stocks fall to lowest level in 7 months on fears that Europe will hurt recovery; Dow falls 115
Nikkei Ends Near 9,500, Making Sharpest Drop In '10
IATA predicts airlines will be profitable in 2010
Property Prices And Volume Plunge For Industry Leader China Vanke
G-20 Clash Over Recovery Risks 'Sub-Potential' Growth
On The Trail Of Europe's "Mysterious" $2.6 Trillion In Toxic Debt
Euro, Spanish Banks Continue to Be Crushed
Economists say euro is doomed
"A majority of economists polled in Europe said the euro, only 10 years old, is unlikely to survive for another five years."
IMF urges tough action on Europe's debt crisis
Eurozone Nations Set Up $1 Trillion Bailout Fund
U.S. Will be Like Greece in 'Seven to 10 Years,' Say Congressmen, Experts
The recovery is fizzling out - and there's worse to come
Forget PIIGS, US Debt Is Out of Control
Morgan Stanley Shutting 300 Branch Offices Due To Declining Order Flow As Investors Sit On Cash

Surging costs hit food security in poorer nations
India's Welfare Gamble: Add 100 Million to the Dole

-- War/military --
North Korea threatens 'stern punishment' for Seoul
Turkey's foreign policy moves raise concern in West and at home
Islamic Extremist Group Recruits Americans for Civil War, Not Jihad
Israeli troops kill Palestinian 'terror attack' divers
'US missile' used in Yemen strike
How Somalia's civil war became new front in battle against al-Qaida
IAEA meeting to discuss Israel's nuclear capability

-- Energy --
$100 Oil Will Soon Be Here to Stay, Says Former Shell Oil President
IHS CERA: The Role of Canadian Oil Sands in U.S. Oil Supply
Italy, France in nuclear power agreement
World Oil Refining Capacity Must Be Rationalized: BP

Kosovo: drugs for Europe

Mexico: 6 bodies in cave, 3 with hearts cut out
Learning Chinese in Mexico: Children prepare for the future

UK: Without spending reductions, annual interest payments on UK's debt will rise to £70bn a year
Satellite tracking for the most dangerous psychiatric patients

Every Google search to be logged and saved for two years under new Euro MP plan

US: Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse
Economy Stalling as Easy Money Effect Wears Off!
AP IMPACT: Many Gulf fed'l judges have oil links
Gulf residents fear another impact of spill: lost oil jobs
Houston braces for oil spill's impact
T. Boone Pickens: This Oil Leak Could Go On For A Year
Shale Gas Well Blowout Raises Specter of New BP: Energy Markets
Fire from W.Va. gas well blast will burn 2-3 days
Massive pipeline explosion rocks Texas county
Lower expectations: Professionals taking huge pay cuts if they have work at all
In Brutal Job Market, More Than a Million Quit Looking
Many choosing cheaper funerals
Ron Paul: Why Governments Hate Gold
Retail Guns-for-Hire: Blackwater Opens Storefronts
Former Blackwater Seeks New Owner
Terrorists Stole My Pre-Paid Cell Phone
May Home-Buying Activity Looks Worse Than Expected
$673 Billion In Commercial Paper Maturing Through July 16 As CP Rates Creep Higher

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