Monday, July 12, 2010


News Links, July 13, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China Property Prices Fall
What to make of China's slowing imports? Analysts say stimulus investment boom to unravel
European banks mull 20-bln-euro private bailout fund
Creating Order in the Euro Zone: Merkel's Rules for Bankruptcy
Italian Stores Brace for Summer Sales Flop on Crisis
Greece in "Death Spiral;" Europe Still in Deep, Deep Trouble, Says Niall Ferguson
Crisis Awaits World's Banks as Trillions Come Due
Printing money won't save us from the next wave of deflation
Secret gold swap has spooked the market

-- Fault lines --
Report: Fidel Castro set to warn of nuclear war
Libya preventing Gaddafi Jr. from joining ship
'Pakistan to welcome NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan'
Russia: Iran closer to creating nuclear weapons
Once an Extremist Importer, Somalia Now Exporting Terror
India to overtake China as world's biggest country by 2026, says report
In Pakistan, Old Militants Create New Alliances
Report: 2010 worst for Afghanistan
Package bomb goes off at Houston oil executive's home
Boom Times for Millionaires
"Wealth accumulation among the richest North Americans (excluding Mexico) grew in 2009, with millionaires in the U.S. and Canada enjoying a 15% increase in their total worth."
*The wealth transfer continues.

-- Energy/resources --
Clean coal dream a costly nightmare (US)
76-hour power failure, Super Highway blocked for five hours (Pakistan)
Lloyd's adds its voice to dire 'peak oil' warnings
Copper Drops as China Purchases Unexpectedly Fall; Zinc Slumps
The Chinese Coal Monster (astounding)
China Seeking More South African Coal
Uranium Bottoming as China Boosts Stockpiles
A Brief Nuclear Update
"World nuclear power generation slipped again in 2009, continuing its slide since its peak in 2006."
*If you need another indicator of energy decline, here it is.
Shaw, Toshiba, Exelon Agree to Team Up for Saudi Arabian Nuclear Projects
Ten Nations at "Extreme Risk" Because of Water Shortages, Report Says
Australia turns to sea for drinking water
India, Iran to hold gas pipeline talks

-- Food --
Grains take off

-- Oil gusher --
UK Government washes its hands of BP takeover
Could ExxonMobil Swallow BP?
BP 'cuts payments to 40,000′ over incomplete claims forms
Salazar again suspends deep water wells

-- UK --
Bus and rail users face 'unwelcome consequences', says transport minister
Green steps 'hurting people in fuel poverty'
Britain at risk of energy crisis, engineers warn
UK recession even deeper than first thought
Bank bonuses must 'be restrained'

-- Japan --
Nissan Forced To Throttle Down As Hitachi Supplies Hit Snag
Used-Car Sales Down 6.4% In 1st Half As Slide Hits 10 Years

-- US --
Cities' Woes Will Linger, Thousands Of Jobs Will Go
Heat strikes farms, consumers
More Private Planes Are Being Repossessed
States Can't Count on Federal Bailout, Obama Appointees Say
Niall Ferguson: A U.S. Debt Crisis Is On Its Way
Krugman's Insanity, And The Hard Mathematical Truth (more on the Ponzi-scheme economy)
Bank Profits Depend on Debt-Writedown `Abomination'
Why New York City (and NYC Taxpayers) are Broke
A triple-dip recession?
Global Warming Study Shows Expanding American Deserts
Shipbulder lays off 560
Schumer calls for payroll tax holiday
American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation
Fannie, Freddie 'Black Holes' of Financial Reform: Strategist
Marines train under LAPD

And finally... Will Tokyo Sky Tree's completion bring down 'skyscraper curse' on Japan?

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