Tuesday, July 13, 2010


News Links, July 14, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
France launches bill to raise retirement age
The Debt Party Is Over
"In reality it all depended in rolling over the maturing debt like a massive Ponzi scheme."
Moody's downgrades Portugal debt rating
Can China keep its economy afloat?
A Modern Day Gold Rush
Latest Stress Test Rumor: 23% Haircut On Greek Debt... Held In Trading Books
Baltic Dry Index Posts 33rd Consecutive Decline, Down 2.7% to 1,790
Is Spain About To Be The Next Big Downgrade To Hit European Markets?
South Korea's Unemployment Rate Climbs as Government Job Programs Wane

-- Fault lines --
Irregular Warfare Causing the Coalition to Rethink its Entire Approach in Afghanistan
Deadly Uganda bombings could indicate new roles for al-Qaeda affiliates (Washington Post)
Missing Iranian nuclear scientist turns up in US
Pakistan Embassy Denies Harboring AWOL Iran Nuke Scientist
'More poor' in India than Africa
French parliament approves ban on face veils
Medvedev Comment Sparks Latest Iran Panic
Conflicting reports on aid ship
China's Green Dam web filter in danger of collapse?
Odierno: Iran 'training militants' to attack U.S. troops in Iraq
Saudi king 'takes charge of arms sales'

-- Energy/resources --
Is Net Energy Peaking?
Venezuela May Exceed Saudi Arabia in Oil Reserves
Oil May Reach $84 After Reaching Above Ichimoku Cloud: Technical Analysis
Crude Oil Supply, Global Edition
IEA sees world oil demand rising 1.6% in 2011
Russia steps up efforts to undermine Nabucco
Chinese state-owned oil company says it and BP take over running Iraq's biggest oilfield
Oil Imports Dropping From Record as China Curbs Refining: Energy Markets
Milking diatoms for oil
More oil added to Brazil's recoverable reserves
"Most of Brazil's newly discovered oil is deep under the seabed and tens of miles from the mainland."
Turkey, Iran reach "full-fledged" natural gas deal
Canada's "Energy Superpower" Delusion
The heat is on for Kuwait (electric power shortage)

-- Oil gusher --
BP oil spill: new cap 'successfully installed' on leaking well
Has the Gulf Spill Opened Pandora's Box for Obama?
Security contractor: BP fired me for taking photos of dispersants

-- UK --
No real house price recovery likely in next five years
Here comes the next phase of the UK housing bust
Organised crime gangs 'outwitting police'
Rising crime warning over police jobs freeze
60 miles of canal closed in drought
MoT failures soar as motorists cut back on repairs

-- US --
'See Something, Say Something' Drive Begins In NYC
Commercial real estate prices reaching one third 2007 levels (Las Vegas)
White House officially hands cyber oversight to DHS
Armed Guards At Pools After Lifeguard Attack (Buffalo, NY)
5 percent of Key West exposed to dengue
Banks repossess 4,000 south Florida properties per month
Get Ready For More Bank Threats
Texas To Rely On Bond Sales To Replenish Empty Unemployment Trust Fund
Federal budget gap tops $1 trillion through June
Report sounds alarm bell over Americans' retirement plan
`Capitalism' Not So Sacred to Americans as Mood Sours
Americans Making Good On Promise to Pay Off Debt
At Poverty Inc., Rich Get Richer by Lending to the Poor: Books

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