Friday, July 16, 2010


News Links, July 17, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
French PM: Debt Crisis Not Because of Euro
The Secret Engine Behind China's Housing Bubble- The Ponzi Shark Loan Finance
Chinese Treasury Dump Brings Its Total Holdings To One Year Low
Wen Pledges to Back Euro, Signs Deals With Germany
The US banking recovery is a sham
Austerity measures threaten key defense programs
Rupee gets symbol on par with dollar, pound

-- Fault lines --
Britain unveils new super-drone
U.S., China Avoid Tiff Over Plans For Naval Exercises off Korean Coast
Clues Suggest Amiri Defection Was an Iranian Plant
The Burden on Israel of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
India Seeks 6 Subs, $11B
Pirate Attacks Drop in First Half of 2010
Spiralling toll in Mexico drug war3 killed in drug gang attack on police in Mexico
Deadly Mexican drug gang attack was 'car bomb'
Mexican president replaces top security official
Russia's Duma OKs more power for security service
CIA Acts Like Clingy Ex After Iranian Nuke Scientist Splits
Iranian scientist was CIA mole
Was scientist who returned to Tehran an Iranian government plant?
Study looks at China's military industry
"The robust growth of military expenditure worldwide will fuel the demand of the global military market."
Lebanon arrests third 'telecom spy'

-- Energy/resources --
OPEC: The Beginning Of The End
Italy Proposes Regulated Market For Physical Oil
The Solar 'Katrina' Storm That Could Take Our Power Grid Out For Years
Nigerian Oil Production Outlook
ASEAN Opts For Nuclear Power (or "The Importance of Air Conditioning")
Serve Yourself a Piece of Yellow Cake
"Uranium traders have been stunned by a sudden Chinese effort to corner the supplies in an effort to fuel the world's most ambitious nuclear program."
Shale Oil's Place in our Energy Future
Snaking Winds May Bring New York Heat to Tokyo, Boost Power Use
Lebanon is booming but no end to power outages
U.S. House Committee Said to Consider Reducing Ethanol Tax Credit by 20%
Report sees need for 500 additional biofuels plants (US)
OPEC forecasts steady oil demand growth in 2011, led by Asia
Beneath the Surface: A Survey of Environmental Risks from Shale Gas Development

-- Environment --
World sizzles to record for the year
Bikinis in Moscow? Europe wilts in heat wave
"A heat wave across much of Europe is also causing crops to wither, forest fires to ignite and roads to melt, while refrigerators and fans are buckling in the searing sun."

-- Food --
Power Outage Food Safety

-- Oil gusher --
Expert suspects BP has ulterior motive behind oil well cap
BP may owe for spilled oil
BP Can't Rule Out Hidden Leaks in Pressure Test of Gulf Well, Allen Says

-- UK --
Free bus pass age rise may be sped up amid budget cuts
Fears over new EU snooping powers for police
Austerity drive will hand billions to private sector

-- Japan --
Geishas serve beer instead of tea and conversation as downturn hits Japan
My $80,000 Says Deflation Will Only Get Worse: Commentary by William Pesek (Grimmer than the title suggests.)
June Dept Store Sales Flounder On Weak Gift Spending

-- US --
Severe heat may bring power outages this weekend (California)
Schwarzenegger orders California National Guard to border
Barack's Peak Oil Confession
Update on the Deflating Commercial Real Estate Bubble
As Consumer Price Index falls for third month, deflation risk emerges
Federal prosecutions of immigrants soar
U.S.: Iranian Gave 'Significant' Information
Pentagon warns Congress: accounts running dry
Obesity Rating for Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Health Records, Says HHS
Companies pile up cash but remain hesitant to add jobs
Price cuts galore on mega-mansions
California judge denies Schwarzenegger's minimum wage order
Arizona turns off speed cameras
Miami issues dengue fever advisory
Delta Air Expects 65,000 Applicants for 1,000 Job Openings
State schools face credit crunch of their own
Army reports record number of suicides for June
Regulators close six banks; year's total is 96

And finally... Victoria's Secret Store in NYC Hit by Bedbugs

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