Sunday, July 18, 2010


News Links, July 19, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Stocks and bonds are now hazardous to your health
Hungarian Assets May Fall After IMF, EU Abandon Negotiations
Dubai real estate could face 'double dip' - Fitch
Debunking Krugman's Icelandic Miracle

-- Industrial espionage (?) --
New virus targets industrial secrets

-- Fault lines --
WikiLeaks founder: Site getting tons of 'high caliber' disclosures
Turkey mulls "opening Armenia border" for NATO exercise
Israel set to force all citizens to swear oath to Jewish state
China dismisses possibility of Sino-DPRK military exercise
S. Korea plans anti-submarine drill in August in Yellow Sea
Clinton, Gates visit Seoul
Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri gives first TV interview
Shahram Amiri: Iran defector story just keeps getting stranger
Mexico car bomb: 'Colombianization' of Mexico nearly complete
U.S. to unveil large aid package to win the hearts of Pakistanis
China Reactors Plan Fuels U.S. Concern
Iraq suicide bomber kills 45 at army office
U.S. Official: Advanced Rockets Biggest Threat to Israel
Iran plans to blacklist hostile oil companies
France has first 'burka rage' incident

-- Military --
Naval laser test blasts drones from the sky
S. Korea Developing Longer-Range Missiles: Report

-- Energy/resources --
Batteries are the shocking truth about electric cars
Is Asia rising to dominate the global nuclear industry?
Saudi Arabia's non-oil exports up 40% in May
"The main non-oil exports were plastics and petrochemicals."
*KSA is grabbing whatever added value it can, while it can.
China Hoards... And The Next Great Commodity Crisis

-- Environment/health --
Deaths as dengue fever grips Caribbean
Sea Level Rise Swamps Islands

-- Japan --
Gov't OKs plan to raise cigarette prices by up to Y110 a pack
Incredible shrinking Japan Airlines: JAL starts selling off one-third of its fleet

-- Oil gusher --
Official: Seep, possible methane leak found near BP's blown out oil well in Gulf of Mexico
Relief well: Can it work?
Off death watch, BP's future still open question
Gulf oil spill: Fouling air as well as water?
"The EPA says some communities in Louisiana face a 'moderate health risk' due to hydrocarbon fumes from the Gulf oil spill."
Concern raised about methane at oil spill site
"The [federal] official says BP is not complying with Washington's demand for more monitoring."
Watch This Video Before You Go Swimming On The Gulf Coast

-- US --
Before the Pentagon Can Defeat Cyberattackers, It Must End Internal Turf Wars
Freeway streetlights pilfered for their copper wire
Gotta Be Drinkin' Buying Bonds From Land Of Lincoln
BNY ConvergEx: "For Every $1 Of Proceeds From Taxpayers, The Federal Government Issues More Than $1 In New Debt"
Federal Jobs Give Hope To Entry-Level Job Seekers
Wiping Out The Middle Class
Report: Afghan, Iraq wars teaching US gang members military combat
Dow May Crash to 7,500 If 10,600 Not Breached
New Orleans takes another hit: 5,000 jobs to go

And finally... FEMA trailers get second use as fixer-uppers

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