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News Links, July 2, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
As Steel Mills Sneeze, Global Shippers Catch a Cold
Bond guru says US will default
Home Prices Continue To Fall In Shenzhen
Violence and Vandalism: Bear Market Psychology Made Manifest (and don't forget chaos)
Global Manufacturing Shows Weakening
Central Banks Push Up the Gold Price
Euro-Zone Banks Shift to Short-Term ECB Funds
G-20 is Relying on China To Drive the World Economy ... But China Isn't Looking So Hot

-- Fault lines --
Al-Qaida Launches English Magazine
Al Qaeda's new online magazine: Is it for real?
China's Xinhua launches global English TV channel
Lahore bomb blasts kill at least 35
US to cut $4bn in Afghan aid after corruption allegations
South Africa takes fire for arms sales to blacklisted nations
U.S., South Korea delay wartime control transfer
Dubai admits nuclear material being shipped through its ports
Pakistani soldiers to attend anti-terror drill in China

-- Energy/resources --
German energy group calls for extension of Germany's nuclear reactor lifespan
Wherever India goes looking for oil, China has been there first
Hooked to the World Cup: power theft rife in South Africa
The Hungry Dragon: China's New Oil Market
Higher GCC power tariffs needed to cool peak demand
Iraqis pay four times legal price for power

-- Food --
North Korea food crisis prompts lifting of restrictions on private markets
Federal report calls for greater focus on food sustainability (US)
Drought threatens global rice supply

-- Oil gusher --
BP Relief Well Weeks Away, Hurricane Hurts Cleanup
EPA Says Dispersants OK—But Major Questions Remain
US lawmaker: Oil spill costs may run trillions of dollars
'Not enough money in the world' for all BP oil spill claims

UK: Ban the burka, says Tory MP Philip Hollobone
Britain has seen the driest six months for 80 years says Met Office
Black hole in biggest final salary pensions to reach record high
New UK Energy Minister and the Continuing Decline in Energy Production

US: States seek financial help as new fiscal year begins
1.3 million unemployed won't get benefits restored
Government agencies urged to save money by banding together, buying in bulk
Goldman can't say how much it made from housing crash
U.S. debt ratio to rise sharply in 2010
Jim Rogers Sees Bond Market Bubble Developing
Parking lot attendants trained to fight terror
Long-Term Budget Outlook: Anyone Still Laughing At Greece?
Evidence mounts that recovery is hitting the skids
"A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme, Lies and Fraud": Howard Davidowitz on Wall Street
U.S. Mint Sells Another Three Million Silver Eagles in June
Study: What you drank could locate you
U.S. Capitol may not get repair money
Gun Activists Gear Up To Challenge Local Gun Laws
Exercise Your Right To Buy Smith & Wesson
Georgia Power asks for big raise in electric bills
Con Ed making calls urging people to cut back on power to prevent blackout
Natural Gas Price Jumps as Heat Drives U.S. Power Demand: Energy Markets

And finally... Japan: Increasing number of gangsters seeking welfare benefits

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