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News Links, July 21, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
That bloated feeling: Japan's banks may soon chafe at their mission to support the bond market
Global Shipping: Heading for Choppy Seas?
The US Will Collapse Before Moody's Gets Around To Downgrading Its Debt
Northern Cyprus plans to become Mediterranean 'Las Vegas'
Niall Ferguson: Ignore Low Bond Yields, The US Debt Crisis Will Come Suddenly
Can We Get China To Bankroll The Next World War? (Peter Schiff)
China Says Exports Outlook 'Grim' on Europe Demand
7 Steps To Survive the Coming Economic Collapse – From Water Shortage to Cannibalism
On debt, Greece is being railroaded
"The railway 'was an accounting trick, another good way for the government to hide its debt.'"
Abu Dhabi forecasts $23bn budget deficit in 2010
Lack of Sales Leaves Dubai Property Buyers Guessing on Prices

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
US official: Mexican car bomb likely used Tovex
AFRICOM Academic Symposium Begins in Senegal
Greek journalist investigating corruption shot dead at his home
The next revolution is coming to Africa. Cellphones are bringing it.
Kyrgyz deal a Silk Road turning point
'Yemen will be Obama's Afghanistan' warns Al Qaeda cleric
US carrier deployed to South Korea
US-S.Korea war games to send 'message' to N.Korea
US Won't Bow to Chinese Concerns on Yellow Sea Exercises (Voice of America)
China shows military strength ahead of US drill
Taiwan eyeing U.S. tanks, torpedoes
'China on track to aim 2,000 missiles at Taiwan'
EU to approve tighter sanctions on Iran
Defense minister positive on plan to deploy troops to southern Japan islands (Japan)
Russia Announces Military Aircraft Sale To Vietnam, Algeria

-- Energy/resources --
Buy What China Needs: Coal
Defining 'Criticality': Mostly Metals
China Denies IEA Label as World's Top Energy User
India Sees Hurdle In U.S. Sanctions
In the dark – South Africa's haphazard electricity supply
Over A Barrel: Peak Oil per Capita
Russia to kick off construction of a new spaceport
The Alarming Growth In Oil Demand That China Doesn't Want You To See
China's Oil Grab
India set to displace Europe as largest coal buyer from S. Africa
Iran, Japan to construct quake-resistant nuclear power plant

-- Food --
To consumers, price matters more than sustainability
Eating Nutritiously A Struggle When Money Is Scarce (US)
In support of crop speculation
"Prices of basic crops and food processing have indeed increased over the passed decade. The culprits however, are not speculators."

-- Environment/health --
Three Gorges Dam flooding turns deadly; dozens missing in China
Bed bugs: Victoria's Secret closure points to a bed bug comeback
Bed bugs on the increase in Illinois but lack of DDT makes it hard to control
Kansas Heat Wave Has Killed 2,000 Cattle: State
Arctic Ice `Melting Fast,' May Reach All-Time Low This Year, Russia Says

-- Oil gusher --
BP Well Stays Shut as Seeps, Leaks 'Inconsequential'
Shrinking Coast, Expanding Oil: Shrimpers Clean Spill
BP Begins Fire Sale With $7 Billion In North American And Egyptian Assets Going To Apache
BP trying to legally 'contaminate' Gulf scientists: report

-- UK --
Double dip fears as bank loans dry up
Culture department braces itself for redundancies of up to 50%
Assembly government's economy office 'to shed 250 jobs'
Wholesale cocaine prices hit record levels
Iraq invasion 'increased terror activity against UK'
Taxman still has £3billion of your money

-- US --
NYC Heads to Hottest July Ever, Taxing Power Grid
Denver: 25,000 left without power; residents urged to conserve
Gun permit allows quick access to Texas Capitol
Is it time for Congress to raise the retirement age?
The role of consumer spending in phony economic growth
Big Is Back For American Auto Buyers
U.S. Housing Starts Drop to Lowest Level Since October
Six million to lose homes in next two years
Smallpox vaccine delivered to Strategic National Stockpile
73,000 blogs shut down as FBI probes Qaeda posts
Median duration of unemployment higher today than any time in the last 50 years
Report: Warmer climate puts water supplies at risk
"A new report says more than 1,000 counties across the United States are at risk for potential water shortages by midcentury."

And finally... Robber holds up bank with bunch of flowers

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