Thursday, July 22, 2010


News Links, July 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China Has a Painful Surprise for the Global Economy
Concerns Grow over Rigorousness of EU Stress Tests
Unfunded Entitlements 'r' Us
*Anyone who still needs proof that "retirement" is going the way of the dinosaurs is brain dead.
Is 'Sudden' Collapse Possible?
Buy Gold, Peter Schiff Says: U.S. Dollar a "Bottomless Pit", Treasuries a "Sucker's Bet"
Dubai World document reveals price of failure
Dubai World expects debt restructuring in months

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
NATO fears Somali pirates moving to south Red Sea
Colombia recalls envoy from Venezuela amid rebel row
Hugo Chavez says Venezuela to sever ties with Colombia
Mexican cartels rely more on explosives in drug war
Rehab clinics turn into killing zones in Mexico's drug war
Why Hasn't Israel Bombed Iran (Yet)?
Hillary Clinton ADMITS that the US and Pakistan created the Mujahaddin

-- Military --
U.S. anti-drone weapon unveiled

-- Spying/intelligence --
Iran says scientist provided information on CIA
Joint Special Operations University: Blogs and Military Information Strategy

-- Energy/resources --
Judge halts oil, gas development on Chukchi Sea (US)
Offshore drilling: industry rates its own equipment substandard
"Both industry experts and managerial personnel acknowledge that the technology used to remove offshore oil from its reservoirs – particularly in deep water – has been outstripped by engineers' ability to find and drill for that oil."
China Surpassing U.S. as Largest Energy Consumer Is the Story of the Past Decade
"China's coal consumption is merely our own power consumption, offshored."
Twitter, beset by outages, will open new data center in Salt Lake City
Billions needed to rebuild Iraqi industry
Power restored in Sharjah after four days (UAE)
Heat exhaustion cases rocket amid power cuts (UAE)
Northern Iraqi gas for Nabucco?

-- Environment/health --
Mexico worried by rise in hemorrhagic dengue
Senate Shelves Efforts to Cap Carbon Emissions (US)

-- Food --
India Food Prices on Boil Again, Rate Hike Looms
Rising unemployment in Bangladesh Greater food shortage ahead

-- Oil blowout --
BP Photoshopped pictures revealed
Tropical storm could hit BP well area

-- UK --
Britain no longer has the cash to defend itself from every threat, says Liam Fox
Four in five universities in budget squeeze
Speed cameras fall victim to spending cuts

-- US --
U.S. financial bailout figure hits $3.7 trillion
Retirement: Gen Y's Empty Piggy Bank
Some employers steal from 401(k) plans
Could shale deposits bring mid-Atlantic states $2 trillion?
Police shortage threatens crime fighting
Airlines Return To Profitability
Recession breeds wave of supercommuters
Oil spill could cost tourism $22.7B
Fixed-rate mortgages break record lows
FHA – "We are Officially Broke"
Will The Government's Entry Into Small Dollar Lending Mean Bernanke Is About To Start Handing Out Cash To Everyone?

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