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News Links, July 27, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
The Death of Paper Money (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)
JPMorgan Shreds The Stress Tests, Says 54 Banks Should Have Failed
Roubini and JPMorgan Agree: Euro Stress Tests Were a Joke
Jim Rogers: Stress Test Is a PR Exercise
Deflation Defies Expectations—and Solutions
Global Economy May Slow to 3.25% From 4.7% Average
"The new normal for the world economy may be arriving as the U.S., Europe and China all decelerate simultaneously."
Four Shocking Bombshells Bernanke Did NOT Tell Congress About Last Week
Marc Faber: Relax, This Will Hurt A Lot
India warned of stagflation risk as price of food soars
Aussie Housing Bubble Gets Popped With Chinese Credit Crash
U.S. Rescue May Reach $23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says
Nakheel proposes 7yrs to repay Islamic loan (UAE)
Retailers Pay More to Get Cargo, or Not Get It (the slow-motion collapse of shipping)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Cuban President Raul Castro set for 26 July speech
EU to tighten sanctions over Iran nuclear programme
China Rejects U.S. Efforts in Maritime Spat
Iran ready to resume nuclear fuel swap talks
Prison chief allegedly sent inmates to conduct Mexico birthday party massacre
Study: 10 pct. of Mexicans may emigrate to US due to climate change, decreased crop yields
Economic Conflict Between China and the US May Reappear at Any Time
Rebels capture north Yemen base
Deadly Suicide Attack Targets Official In Pakistan
US rules out military action against Venezuela

-- Intelligence/security --
Afghanistan war logs: live blog
Wikileaks Releases Stunning Afghan War Logs — Is Iraq Next?
Wikileaks files 'may reveal thousands of war crimes'
WikiLeaks report fictitious, says Pakistan's ex-spy chief Hamid Gul
Afghans welcome release of secret war files by the WikiLeaks website
Are the WikiLeaks War Docs Overhyped Old News?
Pentagon Review of WikiLeaks docs sees no smoking gun
" An ongoing Pentagon review of the massive flood of secret documents made public by the WikiLeaks website has so far found no evidence that the disclosure harmed U.S. national security or endangered American troops in the field, a Pentagon official told NBC News on Monday."
*Which is the opposite of what the White House says.
Wikileaks Afghanistan log: Wikileaks' 10 greatest scoops
BlackBerrys are 'threat to national security' claims UAE
New Wave of Whistleblowers Could Become Millionaires (US)
Almost 700 forged passports discovered at Dubai International Airport Jan-Jun

-- Energy/resources --
China to limit nonferrous metals production by '15
BP's Hayward to leave as CEO; Russia job in works
China's LNG Demand Forecast for 2020 Raised by 48%, Wood Mackenzie Says
Iran To Inaugurate First Phase Of Proposed Gas "Peace Pipeline"
UAE: Generator sales 
and renting soar
A Power Shortage in The Midst of Plenty (Indonesia)

-- Oil blowout --
Bob 'Dish Soap' Dudley To Replace 'Fantastic' Tony Hayward At BP Helm
*Says Corexit is "like dish soap."

-- Military/space --
China considers big rocket power
US missile defense satellites pass big test
Europeans call for defense contract probe
Indian Trade Body Seeks Access To Defense Tech
NORAD plans Washington exercise
Wikileaks documents suggest Taliban has capacity to fire on aircraft

-- Environment/health --
Dengue fever cases on rise in Philippines

-- Spain --
Infrastructure spending cut by one-fifth in austerity move

-- Mexico --
Mexico prisoners 'freed for killings' in Durango state

-- Japan --
Gov't team OKs plan to get ISPs to block access to child porn images
Japan Seeks Consumer Burden To Push Renewable Energy
Some stock short selling activities banned until end of October

-- UK --
Connaught shares plunge on funding woes
"Shares in Exeter-based social housing firm Connaught have slumped 76% after it said it had identified an "urgent" need for extra funds."
UK seeks next generation of cyber security specialists
Britons to be spied on by foreign police

-- US --
Malaria-like disease appearing in New York
A real nightmare: Bed bugs biting all over U.S.
California whooping cough outbreak largest in decades
Outlook Dims For Popular Energy-Efficiency Loans
Floodwaters ravage eastern Iowa
Thoughts on the Secular Decline in Total Capacity Utilization
*A thoughtful essay with major implications for long-term economic decline.
Many fear job loss, but have no savings for it
Deficit-cutting ax may fall on Social Security
Economists warn of deflation possibility
U.S. Small-Business Aid May Create $300 Billion of `Junk' Loans
Credit Card Fees Transfer Wealth to Rich: Fed Bank Study
Armed police raid organic food store in search of raw food

And finally... Man robs bank in clown pants, fake breasts

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