Friday, July 02, 2010


News Links, July 3, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
More Recessions to Hit the US this Decade: Economic Forecaster
Cash-Strapped Venezuela Sees Legal Bills Pile Up
GM's Auto Sales in China Top US for First Time
China Revises Up 2009 Growth
Japan Real GDP Down 0.7% In May
Orders to U.S. Factories Declined in May More Than Forecast
Real Estate Will Lead Economy into Depression
Another Sign on the Road to a Devalued Dollar
S&P Cuts Ratings On $8.84B CDOs
Baltic Dry Approaching Sea Level, Just Above 1 Year Lows
Will Austerity Be The Catalyst For War?

-- Energy/resources --
Russia to seek to expand arctic rights

-- Food --
Corn prices bolt up as USDA downsizes 2010 crop estimates

-- Fault lines --
High alert after Pakistan shrine suicide blasts
21 killed in Mexican gang gun battle near U.S. border
Israel: Iran, Syria in radar cooperation
'Big losses' if Russia halts Iran's S-300s
Vengeful new militant group emerges in Pakistan
Data Darbar Blasts: Pakistan Is Imploding, Say Shocked Pakistanis
Germans Anticipate a Collapse of Merkel's Government
Okinawa mayor plans lawsuit against Japanese government over airbase
Troops killed in Thailand attacks
Japan warns Russia against holding military drill at Etorofu island

-- Oil gusher --
FEMA's Formaldehyde Trailers are Back in the Gulf
Oil found in Gulf crabs raises new food chain fears
Doc Shows BP Ignored Own Advice In Finishing Doomed Well
BP Criminal Case in Oil Spill May Be Inevitable, Analysts Say
A Visual Look At How BP Could Bring Down Large Parts Of The Economy
Oil Predicted To Hit Florida's Atlantic Coast, Not Gulf

Study says cellphones affecting beehives

UK: Britain Curbing Airport Growth to Aid Climate

US: Pennsylvania Quarantine Cattle Over Gas Drilling Fluid
Schwarzenegger orders minimum wage for workers
Expired swine flu shots amount to $260 million loss
Colleges consider background checks on applicants
Count on this: Hiring to be weak
U.S. Aircraft Portable-Missile Defense May Cost $43 Billion
In Miami, public surveillance cameras increasing
Military plans hummingbird-sized spies
Survey: Older Americans fear outliving retirement funds
What Happens When Cities Go Broke?
Home Prices Could Fall Another 50%

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