Thursday, July 29, 2010


News Links, July 30, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Vietnam's Debt Rating Lowered by Fitch on Foreign Borrowing, `Weak' Banks
ICBC Will Seek Up to $6.6 Billion in Rights Offer
AgBank IPO is World's Largest, Raising $22.1 Billion
Fed president: U.S. could face Japan-like crisis
Italy passes austerity measures
Taleb: Government Deficits Could Be the Next 'Black Swan' (Businessweek interview)
"The problem is getting runaway. It's becoming a pure Ponzi scheme. It's very nonlinear: You need more and more debt just to stay where you are."

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Greece orders striking lorry drivers back to work
Greek police clash with hauliers amid crippling strike
"Arab unity tour": Assad 'to attend summit' in Lebanon
Australia adopts new sanctions against Iran
Beijing Wary Of Rising Tide Of Veterans' Discontent
House Republicans Giving Green Light for Israeli Strike on Iran (Israel National News)
Google: Search engine blocked in mainland China
Iran ready to stop uranium enrichment

-- Intelligence --
Medvedev gives more power to security services
Report: U.S. Seeks Easing of FBI Internet Access
Russia to introduce 'draconian' Minority Report-style law
"Legislation will give security services powers to arrest people for crimes they have yet to commit"
White House pushes for warrantless access to Internet records
Harder to suppress leaks in Internet age

-- Energy/resources --
Natural-Gas Squeeze Prompts Switch of Fuel in Middle East: Energy Markets
"They are running short of gas, especially in the U.A.E and in Saudi Arabia, where they require gas for power generation as well."
Saudi needs $80bn power spend by 2018 - study
Qatar Hosts Power-Gen Middle East Conference
"Qatar's power generation is expected to increase by a demanding 193.5 per cent before the year 2018."
The Risks Of Deep Water Drilling (a good read)
"As oil executives say, at such depths, the seabed is as remote as the moon."
Improved Gulf power grid reduces blackouts

-- Got food? --
The Mighty Rise of the Food Revolution
Local food trend helps more folks eat fresh fruits, veggies (US)
Arabs Mull $65bn Food Security Plan

-- Environment/health --
NYC looks to stop spreading bedbug infestations

-- Oil blowout --
Gulf Coast Residents File Personal Injury Suit Over Oil Dispersant
BP Gulf Disaster Act Two: The Corexit Calamity
"[Marine toxicologist] Riki Ott says that if her family lived along the Gulf Coast, based on what she has seen these past three months, she would evacuate them immediately."
Oil industry safety record blown open
Gulf beach closings and warnings by the thousands from Louisiana to Florida, due to BP oil spill
BP May Have Broke Law By Signing Scientists To Non-Disclosure Agreements
Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain

-- UK --
Compulsory retirement at 65 to be phased out, people encouraged to work longer

-- US --
The New Normal: Americans Cutting Back — Even If They Don't Have To
Economy at the Edge
Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit
House Panel Passes Measure to Legalize Some Internet Gambling
8 More Reasons Why a Double Dip Is Coming
Commercial Real Estate: Armageddon on the Way?
Outlook Dims For Popular Energy-Efficiency Loans
Bunker-busting ATM attacks show security holes
Housing Bubble will Not be Reblown; Foreclosures Increase in 154 of 206 Metro Areas with Population Over 200,000
Budget Crunch Hits Atlantic City Hard
Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis (Congressional Budget Office)
Jim Rickards Compares The Collapse Of The Roman Empire To The US, Concludes That We Are Far Worse Off
Panel Warns Of DoD 'Train Wreck'

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