Saturday, July 03, 2010


News Links, July 4, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Gold and government debt: only two things still going up
Europeans oppose sovereign default stress test: report
Ukraine to Get $14.9 Billion From IMF in Deal Conditional on Deficit Cuts
The Real Pain of Cuts Is Still to Come for U.K.
Greek unions set anti-austerity strike for July 8

-- Energy/resources --
China May Face 200-Million-Ton Coal Shortfall by 2015, OGP Says
Ecuador sees oil price $70-$80 this year
New oil fields saved for future generations: King
"Saudi Arabia has stopped exploration missions of new oil fields to save the wealth and pass it on to future generations."
Blackouts still plague the South (Vietnam)
195 Californias or 74 Texases to Replace Offshore Oil
G20 ignores looming energy and African trade crises
US-backed loans to expand nuclear power: a boon for overseas jobs?

-- Fault lines --
Japan in desperate attempt to maintain EEZ
Hillary Clinton tells Ukraine door to NATO open
Mexican murder suspect: US consulate infiltrated
Total CEO calls Iran oil embargo'an 'error'
Iran: Sanctions do not ban S-300 Russian missiles
China installs 40,000 security cameras in Urumqi
The ultimate tragedy of poverty in Pakistan
Lahore Backlash: In the Wake of Bombing, Anti-US Sentiment Grows
US and Poland sign defence pact
Gunmen attack two cargo ships off Nigeria, kill one

Brazilian taskforce frees more than 4,500 slaves after record number of raids on remote farms

-- Food --
Interest in growing veggies on rise (Japan)
School garden program prompts kids to try new foods (Oz)

-- Oil gusher --
BP still putting high levels of chemical dispersants in Gulf
Churches, nonprofits hope for share of BP payout
New payment claims hit BP faster than company can write checks
Mitsui Asked By BP To Shoulder $111mn Oil Recovery Cost

UK: Fire breaks out at nuclear power plant near Leiston
Third of Britons have no money saved for retirement
Treasury orders cabinet ministers to brace themselves for 40% cuts
Former intelligence chief Stella Rimington warns of threat to Britain from Russian spies

US: Even The Best-Case Scenario For The Deficit Is Pretty Bad
Double-Dip Recession Warning Signs Everywhere! Batten Down the Hatches!
Toy company accused of laundering drug money
State and local gov't workers' job security fades
7.9 million jobs lost - many forever
Economic Signs Suggest A Bleak Road Ahead
BP, cops detain reporter for taking pictures of oil refinery
Feds force colleges to police student file-sharing
*Another element of the informant society.
Paint shortage delays road projects across country

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