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News Links, July 8, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
U.S. Banks Risk `Untold Problem' as Muni Debt Swells
U.S. Shopping Center Vacancies Near Record as Consumer Confidence Weakens
Cuts in infrastructure investment will have 'catastrophic effects' (Ireland)
China's property market braced for 30pc drop
China's Banks Forced to Raise Cash After Huge Lending Binge
China Says Won't Dump US Treasuries or Pile into Gold
Seeking the 'Agriculture' in AgBank (China)
"Claiming to Be 'Backbone of Village Finance,' Only 2% of Loans Go Rural"
Sovereign Default Datapoints of the Day
Baltic Dry Index Slides 5% To 14 Month Low, 30th Consecutive Day Of Declines
European Banks Use Gold Reserves to Raise Cash
Wall Street rallies on earnings optimism, Dow tops 10,000
Prechter says Dow could fall to 1,000
Dubai retail rents down 40%, vacancies rising

-- Fault lines --
Hillary Clinton talks tough with the Kremlin, but Russia has won the geopolitical war
India concerned, says Iran sanctions can impact energy security
UAE ambassador backs strike on Iran's nuclear sites
Mexican governor's guard accused of drug ties
India, China prepare for next round of joint military exercise
Russian military conducts drill on disputed Etorofu Island
Russia sending armored personnel carriers to West Bank
Turkey 'warns Israel on ties'
Russia and US 'planning spy swap'
Poles to extradite Israeli 'linked to Dubai murder'
Islamist preacher warns France against banning the burka
Macaroni & Cheese: Bin Laden's cook pleads guilty

-- Energy/resources --
S. Korea's energy consumption to rise 7 pct this year: gov't
SKorea gov't to populace: Conserve power or expect blackouts
Ontario's aging grid puts province at risk of more blackouts
Heat wave stresses US Northeast power grid, thousands left without electricity
Heat wave shatters record, power shortage looms (China)
China pumps billions into Canada's oil sands
Over 25% of flowers face extinction – many before they are even discovered
Why Alt Energy Will Never 'Pencil Out'
Zardari Seeks Energy Deals in China
Country facing prolong load shedding
Electric Refueling: Doing the Math
Russia becoming major oil supplier to U.S. - WSJ

-- Oil gusher --
BP Spill Costs Raised to $33 Billion, Bernstein Says
Troubled BP boss in talks with Abu Dhabi fund
Whistleblower: Relief payments get slashed if fishermen refuse to work for BP

UK: Teachers to be given new powers to crack down on nuisance pupils

US: Thousands in N.J. experience power outages in 100-degree heat
Thousands Without Power As Heat Wave Continues (New York)
Con Ed Struggles To Beat Heat, Keep System Running
Power Failure Leaves Boulder Residents In Dark
Power outages reported throughout York
Nasa space shuttle firm to cut 1,000 jobs
Gulf awash in 27,000 abandoned wells
"No one is checking to see if they are leaking."
More drone crashes
Gas Drilling Threatens Upper Delaware, America's "Most Endangered" River
Wells Fargo to Cut 3,800 Jobs, Close Financing Unit
Lobbyist: Wall St. Firms Don't Give `Rat's Ass' About Small Banks
Deficit Hysteria Means The Middle Class Is About To Get Squeezed By New Taxes
Study finds bank bailouts profitable for U.S.
What if America fragmented?
Budget cutbacks in California expose more mentally ill to police
Summer jobs for teens at near record low
States look to Ariz. for immigration laws
AIDS Waiting Lists Grow Amid Economic Woes
How Fannie And Freddie Unloaded Their Trash
Chilling: NY National Guard's Counterdrug task force
Gov. Bobby Jindal signs bills allowing guns in church, changing sex-solicitation penalty

And finally... Abu Dhabi Goes After Eco-Tourism

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