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News Links, July 9, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Legal noose tightens on Europe's monetary union
Vancouver home sales drop sharply
IMF raises global economic growth forecast
Fresh austerity strikes hit Greece
Japan Vulnerable to Sovereign Debt Crisis in 5-10 Years: Rogoff
Palm Jumeirah prices to fall 20% - Think Tank

-- Energy/resources --
China to roll out nationwide tax on oil and gas sales
USDA Publishes New Papers on the Energy Return of Corn Ethanol
Canada oil sands project in Alberta partially acquired by Total
Brazil faces serious challenges to getting deep-sea oil

-- Fault lines --
Major Cyber Security Conference Set for Singapore
Aid agencies 'stretched to limit' in Haiti
Mexico schools teach lessons in survival
Feds: N.Y. Subway Bomb Plot Included UK Targets
Officials: Arrests In Norway Al-Qaida Bomb Plot
US to access Europeans' bank data in new deal
How Guatemala nearly went 'narco'
Russia balks at engine shipment to China
UN to condemn sinking of SKorean warship
U.S. Tomahawk Missiles Deployed Near China Send Message
Obama says Israel unlikely to surprise US with Iran attack
One dead as Panama labor unrest erupts
China Warns Against U.S.-S. Korea War Games

-- Food --
Australia probes spiked vegetables
Big investments needed to halt new Asia food crisis: UN

-- Oil gusher --
Samples Confirm Corexit Ingredients In Gulf Spill Area Far Above Toxic Concentrations
Oil containment effort facing 2 key moments
BP may pay for wasted oil
Gulf oil spill: Government argues to reinstate drilling moratorium
Florida Governor Calls for Constitutional Ban on Drilling

-- India --
India's poor risk slow death recycling ewaste
Infra red: Infrastructure finance in India
Mukherjee Heads India Panel to Boost Energy Security
"India formed an energy-security group led by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee as the nation competes with China for resources to fuel the fastest-growing major economies in Asia."
Iran sanctions may hit our energy security: India
Coal India to Use Planned Sovereign Fund to Buy Mines

UK: Anti-terror stop and search powers to be scrapped
Millions to see private sector pensions reduced

US: Texas Budget Mess Now as Bad as California's
'Like a war zone': Some NYC residents living behind barricades, checkpoints 9 years after 9/11
"To get home each day, Chen has to present his ID at a police checkpoint."
Greece-ification: Is California the Next Greece?
Consumer credit dropped in May
"Economists had expected a drop in borrowing of about $2 billion. A month ago, borrowing shrank by $14.9 billion."
Risky, no-tell loans have hung around
Well Fargo Swears Off Subprime Lending
How your Apple iPhone spies on you
Top 10 Reasons For a Double-Dip Recession
Housing Double Dip Appears To Be Underway
Harrisburg Chapter 9 Imminent As Controller Tells Debtwire Bankruptcy Best Option
Cyber shield would protect U.S. computers
"The surveillance would be conducted by the government's chief eavesdropping agency, the National Security Agency, and would rely on sensors deployed in computer networks."
Generating Changes In The Electrical Power Grid
Las Vegas Puts Sustainability In The Spotlight
Panhandling banned at Los Angeles airport
Looming food crisis might send you straight to garden

And finally... Politicians 'fare better after favourable sports results'

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