Wednesday, July 14, 2010


News Links, June 15, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Can The European Welfare State Survive?
Singapore Expects 13-15% Record Growth in 2010
Shadow Banking System: Ready to Blow Again?
Eventually, Bond Vigilantes Will Go After the U.S.
Jim Grant Is Confident QE 2.0 Is Just Around The Corner
Spanish Banks Boost ECB Borrowing 48% to Record 126 Billion Euros in June
Japan Faces Possible Credit Downgrade
Eleven Banks Will Fail EU Stress Tests: Strategist
So much for the all-mighty renminbi

-- Energy/resources --
Nigeria state oil firm NNPC insolvent, says minister
China to Invest in Argentine Railways
What Most Peak Oil Believers are Failing to Consider
The peak oil crisis: A mid-year review
Russia ready to ship oil products to Iran: minister
Iran's gasoline imports to plummet: IEA
Crude oil stored at sea falls further in June -IEA

-- World's Fair fantasies --
Electric dreams: Is it the end for robot development?

-- Fault lines --
Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri flies home from US
Al-Qaida blamed for Yemen shootings
Phantom Eye hydrogen-powered spy plane unveiled
Gunmen attack two southern Yemen security offices
Gaza aid ship docks in Egypt
Beijing starts gating, locking lower-income migrant villages
India population: Is sterilization the answer?

-- Food --
The Emerging Politics of Food Scarcity (Lester Brown)
What's Killing Farmed Salmon? New Virus May Also Pose Risk to Wild Salmon

-- Oil gusher --
Is the Deepwater Drilling Moratorium Worse Than the Oil Spill?
'Integrity' testing on Gulf well cap delayed
Scientist Says Oxygen-Depletion Problem in Gulf Is Real
Gulf oil spill: US and BP divided over well test
Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare
Scientists Say Gulf Spill May Permanently Alter Food Chain

-- Canada --
Cuts may hit Vancouver police, fire

-- UK --
Britain's debt four times higher than previously acknowledged
Pensions: Final-salary scheme deficits worsen in June
Last six months second driest in the UK in 96 years, say scientists

-- US --
Chicago Street Gangs Increasing Presence in Suburbs
Most-wanted list that once included Capone returns (Chicago)
Pittsburgh gang members attend 'call-in'
Gangs, organized crime will be focus of new Justice Department unit, crackdown
NSA Denies It Will Spy on Utilities
Funding Status of U.S. Pensions Falls to 74.0 Percent in June
Penny-Pinching Towns Put Police Out to Pasture
Meet The New, Scarier Breed Of Debt Collector
Florida banks ask for help due to oil spill problems
Mortgage applications sink to 13-year low
Home Sellers Slashing Prices, While Banks Mow the Lawn
Telsa Is "Silly ... a Stupid Idea," Lindzon Says: Govt. Better Off Investing in Bikes
You Won't Have Any Idea How Badly Our Stock Market Is Doing Until You Look At These Charts
Some Parents Are Now Stealing Their Children's Credit

And finally... British researchers have solved chicken-egg mystery
... Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High!
... Stars and Stripes Rumor Doctor: 'Jihad monkey' report is fake

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