Tuesday, August 10, 2010


News Links, August 11, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Massive Wealth Shift in Full Swing
Investment In Real Estate Development Up 37.2% (China)
Japan's Economic Stagnation Is Creating a Nation of Lost Youths
Armageddon Sells: Permabears Now Becoming Cool
Japanese government debt blows past 900 trillion yen
Fed, worried about recovery, will buy US debt
Prime minister of Greece: 'There is real danger in global austerity'
Older civil servants facing pay cut (Japan)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
China urges closer military ties with Australia
Iran digging graves for US troops if they attack
Iran to expunge 'dirty' dollar and euro reserves
Japan apologizes to South Korea for decades of colonial rule
*Behind this is a desire by both countries to strengthen their hand against China.
US and Vietnam stage joint naval activities
U.S. Warship to Dock in Vietnam as China Sea Territorial Dispute Lingers
Nicaragua finds huge patron in Venezuela's Chavez
First move for Colombia's Santos: Reconcile with Venezuela's Chávez
Venezuela acquiring Russian submarines
U.S. Army eyeing 'nanomissile' launcher
U.S. blocks $100 mln aid to Lebanon military
Police re-arm amid fresh Baghdad attacks

-- Got food? --
Food Insecurity Rising in America
Wheat: The Great Grain Robbery

-- Environment/health --
Oil sands toxins growing rapidly (Canada; a shocker)
Ramadan 2010 to be hottest in 25 years

-- Energy/resources --
Anger at looming fuel price rises (Scotland)
'Bigger say' set on rare earths market (China)
Iran to expunge 'dirty' dollar and euro reserves
Japan may consider cutting oil imports from Iran
China's Oil Imports Fall in July From Record as Slower Growth Curbs Demand
Wet coal has hit power generation in India

-- Oil disaster --
Oil has stopped flowing, but the BP catastrophe is now ingrained in Gulf life.
Thousands in Gulf wait for ruling on claims
Scientists Try To Determine Oil's Impact On Sea Life

-- UK --
Ministry of Justice faces £2bn cuts sparking fears for 15,000 jobs

-- US --
Signs Of Decay In America
Future Recession Risks (FRB San Francisco economic letter)
Here Come The Lies (Social Security)
Moody's: Crisis left money fund industry reeling
Why the Social Security trust fund is useless
*Still plan on getting Social Security? Read this.
California City With $800,000 Manager Cut to Junk Credit Rating by S&P
House OKs Funds For More Agents, Drones On Border
Taxpayers save $160 billion by letting public employee unions rot
Proposed Law Would Put Video Cameras In Cars

And finally... Customer flies into rage when she cannot order chicken nuggets, attacks staff

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