Saturday, August 14, 2010


News Links, August 15, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
The Euro Is Dying And There's No Cure Against It
Europe's Economic Bounce May Be Short (Newsweek)
Why U.S. Bankruptcy and Currency Reform Are Inevitable
The Greek Recession Is Much Deeper Than Forecast
Why the party's ending for corporate bonds

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Pakistan flood crisis raises fears of country's collapse
Cholera confirmed in flood-ravaged Pakistan
Thousands dead, millions homeless. Now Pakistan faces cholera and riots
Psychiatric group warns of surge in Greek suicides
European Right-Wing Leaders Visit Japan War Shrine
U.S., Israel Build Military Cooperation
Mexican cartel blockades streets in Monterrey
Iraqi Ire Turns On Leadership
Lebanon sets up fund to equip military
The battle for the South China Sea

-- Energy/resources --
Think OPEC Exports Won't Decline? You're Living In A Dreamworld
Cotton Prices to Trade at 'Historically High' Levels
Mideast to push up crude demand as OPEC raises forecast
China Begins Relocation for Water Diversion as Shortages Worsen
China's electricity consumption up in July
Thousands of Senegalese protest power cuts
Power cuts now 6 to 8 hrs daily (India)
Embodied Energy: An Alternative Approach to Understanding Urban Energy Use

-- Got food? --
South Africa to Import More Wheat, Rice Over Next Decade as Incomes Climb
New import ban dries up UAE's vegetable supply, drives up prices
Superbug risk in food imports, health experts warn
Food crises and national security
Food spoilage rate still high in China

-- Oil disaster --
Dead Fish Washing Up Everywhere Due to BP Oil Spill and Dispersants
Gulf scientist: Justice Department is gagging me from studying oil spill

-- Environment/health --
Deadly Whooping Cough, Once Wiped Out, Is Back (US)
Gulf of Mexico `Dead Zone' Grows as Spill Impact Is Studied

-- Intelligence/security --
Scientists hack into cars' computers -- control brakes, engine remotely
Cyberwar Against Wikileaks? Good Luck With That
WikiLeaks 'will not be threatened' by Pentagon
Fight for data access spreads beyond RIM

-- UK --
Plan to sell off nature reserves risks 'austerity countryside'
More than one million people 'take out payday loans'

-- US --
Are You Ready For How Bad It Will Get?
Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many
Scorning Debt, US Consumers See Credit Scores Soar
Is It Time to Surrender to the Downtrend?
Border security plan adds 1,000 agents
Preventing Future NYC/NJ Blackouts Will Cost Tens of Thousands of Trees
Gas Is Really Costing Us About $15 a Gallon
US cities face up to massive cuts
Lights Off Proposal To Save City Money
Physicians concerned about nationwide drug shortages
The corn ethanol problem: Food versus energy
Hiding Bank Losses
States avoid massive layoffs through $26B in federal aid, but bill only postpones hard choices
Obama begs Americans to vacation in Florida
Florida – Much Worse Problems Than the Oil Spill
U.S. judge bans planting of genetically engineered beets
Illinois bank failure14th this year
Panel Looks at Closing U.S. Air Force Overseas Installations
*Rome begins its pullout.

And finally... Female robbers in France flash breasts at man, steal his money

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