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News Links, August 2, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
For central banks, crime can pay
"Central banks make outsize profits when they print high-denomination notes, like €500 bills, which criminals prefer."
Some Russian Assets May Be Sold to Chinese State Funds, Sunday Times Says
Greek tourism reels from fuel shortage, strikes
The Unemployment Nightmare in Greece
China rapidly boosts investments in JGBs
"Officials express concern over motive for expansion."
Big-name investors brace for deflation
Israel Prosperity Seen Unsustainable as Haredim Refusal to Work Takes Toll
Iceland Rebels Against Bank Aid as Insolvencies Loom After Court Ruling

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
US has plan to attack Iran if needed, military chief admits
Abbas: Recent Arab summit discussed war against Israel
Israel modifies plans to deport migrant worker families
Dutch become 1st NATO member to quit Afghanistan
US to activate S Europe missile system
Turkish soil mulled as option in US anti-Iran missile defense
Czech Republic Ready to Host U.S. Missile Warning Center

-- Energy/resources --
Israel faces danger of blackouts; public asked to conserve
Wind farms could face new restrictions as Government launches investigation (UK)
Minister says private sector will build nuclear plants, rules out government subsidies (UK)
The Future Looks Great for the Ethanol Boondoggle (US)
"If you include all the upstream and downstream inputs, the process consumes far more energy than it produces."

-- Intelligence/security --
WikiLeaks Takes Aim At BP
Liz Cheney calls on Obama to shut down WikiLeaks
Google, US Gov't Back Same Data Mining Startup
BlackBerry Expansion at Risk as Governments Tighten Curbs on Mobile E-Mail
Stealthy Government Contractor Monitors U.S. Internet Providers, Says It Employed Wikileaks Informant

-- Environment/health --
Hundreds of new fires in Russian forests and fields thanks to drought and record heat

-- Got food? --
Experts Project Food Inflation To Surge Up To 10%
Egypt seeks wheat as drought slashes Russian crop

-- Oil disaster --
Congressman: too much dispersant used in oil spill
New Gulf oil spill mystery: How much dispersant did BP use?
BP eyes sale of German retail unit: report
U.S. May Widen Range in BP Oil-Spill Estimate, Scientist Says

-- UK --
Police forces 'accept cuts will mean losing officers'
Britain's military braced for sharp spending cuts

-- US --
Tight Times Force Small Towns To Cut Police Services
Outsourcing the Fire Service
Paterson Warns of Massive Layoffs to Balance NY State Budget
Regional Airlines May Face Pilot Shortage as U.S. Tightens Training Rules
Alan Greenspan: "The Financial System Is Broke"
After 378 years, NH family farm goes up for sale
Greenspan Says Decline in U.S. Home Prices Might Bring Return of Recession
Unemployment Rate in U.S. Probably Rose, Raising Risk of Slower Spending
Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
Democrat-backed terror bill would 'gut Miranda rights'

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