Saturday, August 21, 2010


News Links, August 22, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Next banking crisis could come from Europe
Big hedge funds are rushing into gold. Should you? (CNN Money)
China Looks to Finish Off Post-WWII Reign. Better Learn Mandarin
Dubai companies still slow to pay trade creditors
Dubai's Asia roadshow may signal debt issue
As many as 80% of buildings in Dubai either uninsured or underinsured
Japan Vehicle Sales May Drop as Government Incentives Run Out, NHK Says
Greeks feeling pain from austerity moves

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Russia, Armenia sign military cooperation pact through 2044
Police arrested in northern Mexico mayor's killing
Karachi Shops Close in Wake of Third Set of Riots This Month
IMF to review 'massive challenge' of flood-hit Pakistan
Italy wants EU action on Roma
The age of nations is over. The new urban age has begun. (Foreign Policy)
*What's interesting is how FP could have gotten it so wrong.
Gov't to promote private use of aircraft developed for military (Japan)
Scared women are packing pistols in Iraq
Asia upgrades armour capabilities
Iran unveils mini-submarines and torpedo boats

-- Energy/resources --
Russia probes cause of Petersburg power blackout
Oil reserves targeted by Asian nations
Iran allocates USD 2 billion for gasoline projects
Analysts warn of threat to oil price stability

-- Got food? --
The next global crisis: Hungry millions, on the move
Salmonella worries: Recalled egg total passes half a billion (US)
Labor Day Picnics Trigger Stampede in Cattle, Beef Prices (US)
"The tumultuous trading came after rallies in markets for other agricultural commoditieshave raised fears about global food price inflation."

-- Oil disaster --
BP Starts 'Fishing' for Drill Pipe at Gulf Spill Site
FDA Not Testing Gulf Seafood for Mercury, Arsenic or Other Heavy Metals

-- Environment/health --
As 'plant productivity' dips, a search for answers
Major flood on China-North Korea border
Bedbugs invade Empire State Building
Bedbugs spreading all over US
Drug-resistant 'superbug' seen in Canada

-- Intelligence/security --
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange accused of rape
Sweden drops rape accusation against founder of WikiLeaks

-- UK --
Crash scam figures at record high, insurers warn
Britons dig into £4,600 of savings to cover living costs

-- US --
Big Chicago-based community bank, 7 others shut down; 118 total US bank failures in 2010
The Mortgage Crisis Climbs Over the Mountains
People Have 'Huge Disbelief' in Government: CIO
Shocking Facts About the U.S. Debt Problem, And 5 Ways to Prepare Your Portfolio
Number of U.S. restaurants declines
Philadelphia wants bloggers to pay $300 for business privilege license
High-tech carts will tell on Cleveland residents who don't recycle ... and they face $100 fine
High-Speed-Rail Costs Irk States
10 Big Retailers Closing Stores
The American Retirement Crisis
Racial strife escalates in Staten Island

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