Sunday, August 22, 2010


News Links, August 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Brussels figures show massive growth in pensions for Eurocrats
Small Investors Flee Stocks as 'Appetite for Risk' Wanes
Euro crisis has not gone away, it is merely masked by other troubles

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Al-Qaida in Yemen: Poverty, corruption and an army of jihadis willing to fight
Iran unveils 'unmanned bomber'
4 decapitated bodies hung from bridge in Mexico
Drug traffickers, Mexican police battle within yards of U.S. border
U.S. to spend $100 million on Afghan bases
Biometric system to track foreign workers in place in Oct (Malaysia)
Iran seeks missile system to defend nuclear sites
US combat brigades still in Iraq: report
USAF Realignment Affects 12,000 Airmen, 650 Planes

-- Energy/resources --
Peak oil alarm revealed by secret official talks

-- Oil disaster --
For Gulf tourism, problem is perception -- not oil (AP)
"Assange told Al Jazeera on Sunday that while he had been forewarned by Australian intelligence on August 11 to expect a campaign against him, it was unclear who was behind it."

-- US --
Social Security: A small problem that will grow bigger
Police swarm Arizona town after biker gangs' shootout
"Rival clubs reportedly vie for control of community." (The Mexican disease comes to the US!)

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