Monday, August 23, 2010


News Links, August 24, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Asia, U.S. Slowdown to Seriously Affect Europe, EU Economy Chief Rehn Says
Failed States Index 2010
The Case for a Sovereign Debt Default in Japan
Pakistan turns to IMF for help
German Defense Sec'y: Reduce Force to 163,500
Why You Need To Own Gold Now (Forbes)
"Enron Accounting" Has Bankrupted America: U.S. Deficit Really $202 Trillion, Kotlikoff Says
Harsh Fiscal Reality Forcing Govt To Cut Promised Programs (Japan)
Wheat in Chicago Falls as Much as 0.6% to $7.215 a Bushel; Corn Declines
Heating Oil and Diesel Rising to 27-Year High in Survey (US)
Bahrain is first Gulf state to have credit rating lowered
8 Bold New Forecasts for 2010

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Will Trying to Recover Push Pakistan Over the Edge?
Iran bans mention of opposition leaders in press
US to Launch Sixth Offensive Against 'Birthplace of Taliban'
Karzai: Private contractors 'looting and stealing,' working with terrorists
Israel Knesset Member Declares "We Are Preparing For War"
Iran threatens to attack U.S. interests around the world if provoked
Iran Says It's Begun Producing New Missile Boats

-- Energy/resources --
Calls to tackle rising oil imports (China)
U.S. Energy: Comfortable to the Point of Panic
World helium reserves are running out, Nobel laureate claims
Wind Energy: Freedom From Fossil Fuels or Tempest in a Teapot? Part I
Wind Energy: Freedom From Fossil Fuels or Tempest in a Teapot? Part II
*A good reality check on what wind does -- and does not -- deliver.
Greenpeace mobilises as firm strikes oil in Arctic
Danish warship blocks Greenpeace vessel in Arctic

-- Got food? --
Africa's ambitious return of ancient rice
Egg recall drives worried customers to farmers markets (US)
Coffee futures flirt with 13-year high on crop troubles
The decline of organic food encourages rise of grow your own (UK)

-- Oil disaster --
LSU fish toxicologist studies the effects of surfactants on fish populations

-- Environment/health --
Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima'

-- Intelligence/security --
Cloud computing - the calm before the storm

-- UK --
Household finance 'under pressure in August'

-- US --
Credit-Card Rates Climb
Fears about the economy still high, says new "Household Misery Index"
Economic Outlook: Birthrights in jeopardy
The Household Debt Mountain
Housing in 'Double-Dip': Economist Zandi
Housing Slide in U.S. Threatens to Drag Economy Into Recession
US Homeland Security to Expand 'Secure Communities' Nationwide
Preparing for the Next 'Black Swan' (WSJ)
The Next Bubble? Investors Flee Stocks in Droves In Favor of Bonds
Illinois worse off than Greece?
Commercial Real Estate Prices Tank; Late Mortgage Payments Spike
Growing Rental Trends Undermining US Home Sales
The Big SUV's death rattle

And finally... China traffic jam stretches 'nine days, 100km'

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