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News Links, August 3, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Banks on Europe's Edge Face $122 Billion Refinancing Bill
Local officials may be playing fast and loose with GDP (China)
Manufacturing Slows for Third Straight Month (China)
The China property bubble
State firms pump China's land market
The Striking Reality of Japanese Deflation
Warning Signs Suggest Market Headed for Another Collapse
Jim Rogers: The Next Bubble Is the Bond Market
UAE banks may need more government funds – report

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Ahmadinejad invites Obama to debate
Islamists Gain Upper Hand in Russian Republic of Dagestan
Rockets fired towards Israel from Sinai peninsula
UAE BlackBerry ban set to spread throughout Gulf states
As Drug War Turns Into Quagmire, Fear Rules Mexico
Russia denies providing S-300 missile system to Azerbaijan

-- Intelligence/security --
Minority Report-style advertising billboards to target consumers
Key WikiLeaks Figure Detained, Phones Seized by US Customs

-- Energy/resources --
Iran May Get Gasoline From Russia State Companies Next Month, Chamber Says
U.S.-Canadian Mission Set To Map Arctic Seafloor
Ethanol Opponents Launch Counterattack (US)
Calls for electricity in Dubai to be pay-as-you-go
Factories face power cuts (Shanghai)
Shanghai power company warns residents of possible blackout
Electricity Ministry: Heat, network overload to blame for power cuts (Egypt)
IEC, private producers pull out stops to avoid blackouts (Israel)
Oil tops $81, a jump in pump prices could follow
South Korea to Explore for Oil in UAE, Offers Storage
Electricity shortage persists in Iraq, hobbles progress

-- Environment/health --
Garbage islands threaten Three Gorges Dam

-- Got food? --
Food and farming minister asks: 'How much is a loaf of bread' (UK)

-- Oil disasters --
China Oil Spill Could Be 60,000 Metric Tons: Greenpeace
BP Shrinks by $16 Billion
La. fishermen wrinkle their noses at 'smell tests'
Dead zone as big as Massachusetts along coast of Louisiana and Texas, scientists say
BP executive 'absolutely' would eat Gulf seafood
Toxicologists warn that waters that look clear of oil can be deceiving (USA Today)
Oil Spill Dispersants Shifting Ecosystem Impacts in Gulf, Scientists Warn (NYT)
BP Oil Spill Damages to Stretch Insurance Coverage
"BP and its partners on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig do not have enough insurance to cover the potential damages sought in litigation so far."
Oil spill could drag down Gulf home prices by $3 billion
BP Gulf Well Spewed About 4.9 Million Barrels, U.S. Government Panel Says

-- US --
Criminals To "Run Wild" After East St. Louis Slashes Its Police Force
6 cities to train mail carriers to dispense anti-terror drugs
Greenspan: Double-dip recession possible
Desperation Grows as Unemployment Benefits End
Beware The Son of Subprime (muni bonds)

And finally... Wendy's robber complains about skimpy haul

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