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News Links, August 4, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
HSBC Says Hong Kong at Risk of Property Bubble
Mexico biggest airline Mexicana files for bankruptcy
US Unemployment Could Rise Before It Drops: Geithner
China's Geely buys Volvo for $1.5bn
China's PBOC to allow more banks to trade bullion
The Aftermath of the Global Housing Bubble Chokes the World Banking System
GMI Describes "The Future Recession In An Ongoing Depression" In This Must Read Report
Meredith Whitney Even More Bearish On Housing And Financials
US companies actually in poor financial shape, deeper than ever in debt

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
VIPS Sends Memo To Obama Warning Israel May Bomb Iran "As Early As This Month"
Report: IDF, Lebanon forces exchange fire on northern border
Pakistan's largest city descends into deadly chaos after assassination
Pakistani Officials: Dozens Gunned Down In Karachi
Pakistan floods: Islamic fundamentalists fill state aid void
North Korea vows 'retaliation' over Yellow Sea drill
Mexico's Drug Cartels Use Force To Silence Media
Mexico drug violence 'still growing'
Mexico seeks more tourists — but is it safe to go?
Taliban attack Afghan air base
War against Taliban 'being lost' says Zardari
Spanish air traffic controllers to strike
Iraq car bomb, checkpoint attack leaves 25 dead
India sends more troops to quell Kashmir protests

-- Intelligence/security --
With U.S. Troops Leaving, Iraq Wants Its Own Eyes in the Sky: Up to 100 UAVs
Joint exercise between NORAD, Russia to test response to international hijacking scenario
Web attack knows where you live
"Privacy is dead, people. I'm sorry."
BlackBerry will block porn, let UAE monitor e-mail
Is Europe building Big Brother?
Identity theft targets social security numbers of children
"If people are obtaining enough credit by fraud, we're back to another financial collapse."
Germany gave assassination list to secret US unit
'Low-level Bush propagandist' calls for Wikileaks founder to be kidnapped

-- Got food? --
Wheat Soars; Rogers Sees 'Much Higher' Food Prices
Global Wheat Shortage Feared as Prices Surge
China's Worst Floods Since 1998 to Cut Farm Output, Lift Prices
The Hungry Planet

-- Environment/health --
Drug-resistant strain of E. coli emerges in U.S.

-- Energy/resources --
South Korea to Raise Power, Gas Prices for First Time in More Than a Year
Territorial disputes in South China Sea on the increase as China flexes muscles
EDL power cuts increase amid heat wave (Lebanon)
South Delhi's power woes may last 6 months
Daily eight-hour power cut (Nepal)
Solar Panel Cleaning Company Expands Internationally
*So, you thought solar panels were maintenance-free?
U.S. May Lift Offshore Drilling Ban Early
Economic and political breakdown: The dark (Economist)
World's largest wind energy project breaks ground in California

-- Oil disaster --
Where's the oil? It's oozing out of the Louisiana ground
Gulf oil flow was 12 times more than feds' original estimate
BP may sell German gas stations for $2.6 billion: report
Gulf seafood declared safe; fishermen not so sure
BP oil spill: Obama administration's scientists admit alarm over chemicals
BP didn't make Gulf oil spill worse with dispersants, EPA finds
*Come on in -- the water's fine!
Gulf residents fear contaminated landfills
Oil spill stress tops that of Katrina
Spill Is Biggest Accidental Oil Release, New US Data Show
Gulf oil spill biggest ever, could cost BP $21 billion in fines
Texas Attorney Says Benzene Emissions Lawsuit May Cost BP More Than Oil Spill

-- UK --
Minister warns over university funding
Crime rates in England and Wales 'worse than US'

-- US --
Slow Motion Crash in Commercial Real Estate
National Guard deploys to Mexican border
Many dietary supplements are contaminated
Controller: $2.19 billion in California bills may go unpaid without budget
Here's who really owns America
Wealth transfer: The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
Luxury Buying A Welcome Sign In Auto Sales
Fed Is Unlikely to Take Major Steps to Boost US Economy
Are 401 (k) Matches Really Coming Back?
States slash pre-K programs as budgets bleed
Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index Hits New Low in July

And finally... Human population: our brushes with extinction

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