Thursday, August 05, 2010


News Links, August 6, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan may tap reserves to meet pension costs-media
*Japanese media reported this morning that the premium payment rate is down to 60%.
Bulgaria to cut military procurement
"Bulgaria has become the latest in a series of European countries that plans to cancel the delivery of already ordered military equipment."

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
South Korea begins massive military drill
Tensions Rise As China Launches Show Of Force
Vietnam Plan to Enrich Uranium May Undercut Nonproliferation Efforts, Rile China
More die as violence and arson continue in Karachi
Pakistani militants expand abroad, starting in Bangladesh
Iraq: Iran poised to fill vacuum after U.S. withdrawal
President Calderón on Mexico's drug war: stay the course
Pakistani al-Qaeda 'main US threat'
Doug Casey: War Is Coming
U.S., Brazil spat over Iran hits rock bottom
China Builds First Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Base?

-- Got food? --
Growing Food Shortage in Central Burma: UN
Agflation fears as Russia halts all grain exports
Food squeeze next worry for emerging markets
Food shortage may spark violence in Pakistan: report
The Return of the Commodity Crisis? (Daily Reckoning)

-- Energy/resources --
TAPI natural gas pipeline through Afghanistan revived
Venezuela Pares China Debt With $20 Billion Oil Accord
Arab States Go Nuclear to Close Power Gap, Catch Up With Iran

-- Environment/health --
S. America having bitter winter weather

-- Intelligence/security --
Google denies deal to end net neutrality
U.S. Demands WikiLeaks Return Military Documents

-- Oil disaster --
Scientists cast doubt on claims BP spill's no threat to Gulf
Gulf oil spill not 'gone' -- close to half may still lurk in Gulf
The Gulf oil spill's cost comes into focus
BP Says It Has Sealed Off Gulf Oil Well With Cement
Gulf oil spill could have impact for 'decades': US official
Whistleblower: BP used dispersants to hide oil

-- UK --
David Cameron to hail 100,000 spending cut ideas
Mad cow redux? Cloned beef in food chain spreads alarm in Britain

-- US --
Uninsured throng free clinic — a symptom of bad economy
Treasury warned of deflation threat
Deadly heat wave stretches across 18 states
New jobless claims unexpectedly rise
Social Security to pay out more in 2010 than it takes in
30-Year Mortgage Rate at 4.49 Percent, Lowest on Record
Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May
$26 Billion in Aid to States to pass Senate tomorrow
Visualize Your State's Financial Collapse Better Than Ever (interactive chart)
Officials Say Terrorist Recruitment Effort in US On Rise (Voice of America)

And finally... In Japan, Living Large In Really Tiny Houses

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