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News Links, August 9, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Emerging markets no longer need the US consumer
Japan's Debt Is So High, It Doesn't Even Fit On The Charts
Chinese banks reportedly face wave of bad loans
Consumer debt in GCC hits $139bn
"Job losses and a more relaxed credit criteria, particularly in a period of economic expansion, have led to unsustainable customer debt levels in a number of GCC countries."
China Risks `Sacrificing' Growth as Energy Curbs Hit Industry
Dubai Brokerages Shutter as Stock Trading Tumbles to 4-Year Low

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Iran Sanctions Make China, Russia Winners While Reliance Loses
"Sanctions punishing Iran for its nuclear program are deepening the country's ties with China and handing Russia opportunities to sell more gasoline while hurting suppliers in Europe and India."
Iran Navy Equipped With Four New Submarines
War on drugs: why the US and Latin America could be ready to end a fruitless 40-year struggle
North Korea seizes South Korean fishing boat
Russian president visits breakaway region of Abkhazia
Baghdad's traffic cops are on militants' hit list
US and Vietnam demonstrate blossoming military relationship
Singapore to watch inflow of foreigners
Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.
Suspects accused of trafficking drugs on major airlines
Mexicans discover mutilated body of cop

-- Got food? --
Feeding 9 billion in 2050 not so easy
China's Corn Buys Stir Up A Debate; Beijing Stays Mum
US farmers hope to soon sell more corn to China
U.S. to send billion bushels of wheat to Russia
Ukrainian Farmers Oppose Curbs on Grain Exports After Russia's Export Ban
Floods From Pakistan to Korea May Strain Aid as Food Costs Soar
Wheat rots in India as world prices at 2 year high
'US Wheat prices surge 71%, inflation to soar'
Egypt looks to reschedule wheat shipments

-- Energy/resources --
Gulf produces 41% of world's desalinated water
Japan vows to increase assistance to Central Asia

-- Environment/health --
$10 Billion BP Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Release of Benzene, Other Chemicals
China landslides leave scores dead
Floods devastate North Korea
Hundreds more wildfires burn in Russia

-- Oil disaster --
Spike Lee: US government lying about oil spill cleanup
Final Deepwater Horizon Flow Rate Estimate Is Likely Too Low, Which Benefits BP
Oil will impact Gulf for years to come
BP sued over dispersant used on spill
Some Complications in BP's Asset Sales
"The buyer of these assets would like to buy it free and clear of the gulf environmental liabilities."
Oil spill 'still a disaster' for parts of Gulf, Allen says

-- UK --
Government considers scrapping free milk for under-fives

-- US --
How We Eat, Produce Food Could Bring Down Society
Treasury Secretary Geithner's recovery is a debt-financed nightmare
Underemployment 28.4% for Ages 18 to 29, 18.4% in all Age Groups - Gallup Poll
Old, new demands tax New York's power grid

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