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News Links, October 1, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Anglo Irish, Allied Irish May Need As Much as $19.6 Billion
Cost of Ireland's bank bail-out to hit €40 bn
Ireland Prices Bank Rescue; Deficit at 32% of GDP
Why Debtholders Need to Get Ready for a Haircut
Dollar In A Death Spiral
Moody's Just Stripped Spain of Its Last AAA Rating
Spain Cooking the Books?
The Second Big Round Of Chinese Monetary Tightening Has Begun
Wave of strikes cripples Europe as workers vent fury at budget cuts
China: Economic Juggernaut or Overinflated Bubble?
Japan's Y2 tril currency intervention could be record high
BankUnited's CEO Kanas Says U.S. May Lose a Third of Its Banks

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Ecuador thrown into chaos, emergency state as police launch rebellion against austerity measures
Ecuador in turmoil as president denounces 'coup attempt'
Pakistan Halts NATO Supplies to Afghanistan After Attack
Musharraf warns of new military coup in Pakistan
New Poll: Pakistanis Hate the Drones, Back Suicide Attacks on U.S. Troops
'Slavery' uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europe
Afghan opium production 'halved' due to plant infection
China frees three Japanese detained in 'military zone'
Kazakh-South Korean military ties deepen
'Anti-Establishment Rage Is Fuelling Populism Everywhere' (Netherlands)
Dutch government pact bans burqa
Russian official refutes Japan's statement on Kuril Islands dispute
Russia calls Japan's island claims a dead-end
China, Russia team up on territorial claims
Medvedev forgoes visit to disputed islands, heading to Moscow
U.S. takes neutral stand toward sovereignty over Senkaku Islands
Britain and France may share nuclear deterrent
Bin Laden Told Partners To Plan Mumbai-Like Attacks, say intelligence officials
Was a Mumbai-style terror attack really 'foiled'? No operatives, no weapons...
Bomb injures 17 police officers in Dagestan
U.S. pressures Japan to boost base-hosting expenditures

-- Energy/resources --
OPEC Oil Production Declined to Eight-Month Low in September, Survey Shows
U.K. Offshore Wind Projects Need Subsidies Until 2025, Researcher Says
Russia's Pre-emptive Arctic Strike
Cuba to drill for oil in water deeper than failed BP well
Windfall: Documenting the Backlash Against Wind Energy
U.S. Ramps Up the Race for Rare Earth Metals, but It May Be Too Late
As China Clamps Down, Others Boost Rare-Earth Output
New oil drilling safety rules announced (US)
China forces firms to cut energy use
Iraq to announce big rise in oil reserves Monday
A High-Risk Energy Boom Sweeps Across North America
Study: World's 'Peak Coal' Moment Has Arrived

-- Got food? --
1 billion worldwide struggle to buy food

-- Oil disaster --
Gold rush on the Gulf: Researchers clamor for cash

-- Environment/health --
Green Firms Face Prolonged Funding Drought: Bank
World's Rivers In Crisis, Study Says
Germany Evacuates Towns South of Berlin After Record-Breaking Rainfall

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
'Feds radiating Americans'? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets
Israel's electronic warfare capabilities
Stuxnet worm heralds new era of global cyberwar
Israeli cyber unit responsible for Iran computer worm – claim
Dubai police chief says Mossad behind death threats

-- UK --
Number of millionaires in Britain 'rises to more than 280,000'
Britain faces brain drain as cuts force top scientists to leave country

-- US --
Housing: Even Worse Than You Think
California Treasurer Lockyer Calls for Ban on Muni Credit-Default Swaps
Home downsizing is booming
Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning
Foreclosure sales soar in California
Stealing beauty: Cosmetics top list of swiped goods
77% of Americans now living paycheck-to-paycheck
A Broke FDIC Expands Checking Account Insurance From $250,000 To Infinity
Study: Wars could cost $4 trillion to $6 trillion

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


News Links, September 30, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japanese youth seek second, third employment
Japan Crude Steel Output To Keep Falling In Oct-Dec Period: METI
Japan Factory Output Unexpectedly Fell in August, Adding to Signs of Slump
Europe's Economy Is Running On Fumes
The European Crisis Gets Quietly Worse
"A breakup would seem to be an inevitability at this point. The only question is when it will happen, and who will go first."
Europe hit by wave of anti-austerity protests
Truckers strike in third week in Greece
Picketers clash with police in Spanish general strike
Dublin to Put Fresh $6.8 Billion into Anglo Irish
Dubai cancelled half of planned property projects
Tougher measures to cool property market (China)
Anglo Irish Rescue Costs Increase After Ghost Towns Spread Across Ireland

-- Gold --
Chinese Consumers Rush for Gold
More Indications of a Gold and Silver Supply Squeeze
US Mint Runs Out Of Buffalo Gold Coins, Will Not Restock
Gold continues record-setting run

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
China still patrolling Senkaku Islands
Medvedev's Plan to Visit Islands Rankles Japan
*Japanese media report concerns that Russia and China will "team up" against Japan in island disputes.
Is China Afraid of Its Own People? (Foreign Policy)
China's president urges social reforms
Iron Man-style power suits 'will be in war zones in five years'
North and South Korea to hold first military talks for two years
Attacks on Baghdad Green Zone surge
German navy faces painful cuts
German Conservative Parties Agree To End Conscription
Britons training in Pakistan for UK terror attacks
Burgeoning Brazil Seeks Profits Beyond Its Borders
U.S. and China Agree to Rebuild Military Ties
Hitmen kill Mexican mayors as drugs war intensifies
Russia says 15 rebels killed in Muslim Dagestan
Pentagon Losing Control of Smart Bombs to China Neodymium Monopoly

-- Energy/resources --
Norway Concerned By Power Supply Ahead Of Winter
Growing demand may fuel natural gas shortage on coast this winter (China)
Winter could bring record energy bills. Is it time to switch supplier? (UK)
Mineral Trade Halt Called a Threat to Japan's Economy
China Lifts Rare Earth Export Ban to Japan: Report
Human impact on world's rivers 'threatens water security of 5 billion'
Chinese imports of Saudi oil to reach 50m tons
Angola is China's biggest oil supplier in August
Explaining The Massive Shell Game That Is The Petrobras IPO
China moving heaven and Earth to bring water to Beijing
Massive power blackout in Los Angeles due to heatwave

-- Got food? --
Phosphorus shortage has grave global impact
Meat tainted with deadly bacteria is being sold to consumers; government forms 'work group' (US)
Why is the Gates foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto?
Kansas City foodbank has urgent need for donations
Grow Your Own Vegetables, City Dwellers, But Do Mind The Lead

-- Oil disaster --
States tally oil spill toll to send BP their bills
Feds funding study of oil spill's effect on FLESH-EATING bacteria — Blamed for multiple recent Gulf-area deaths after water/seafood contact

-- Environment/health --
One in five plant species face extinction

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
'Mumbai-style' terror attack on UK, France and Germany foiled
India Locks Down Delhi Commonwealth Games With 100,000 Policemen, Snipers
Israeli "art student" spies casing new data center? (US)

-- UK --
Welsh councils face rising costs of school repairs
Liam Fox fires warning shot over defence cuts
Britain's Maritime Capabilities Could Bear Brunt Of Cuts: Fox

-- US --
Anger as a Private Company Takes Over Libraries
Northeast Ohio: Winter heating bill 'crisis' looming
"With some Northeast Ohio residents already lining up all night for emergency utility bill help, there are predictions that the coming winter will produce a need of 'crisis' proportions."
Possible natural gas shortage in Alaska; residents asked to conserve
Recession Rips At U.S. Marriages, Expands Income Gap
Why the Statistical "Recovery" Feels Bad
Cramer: Gold Right Now Better Than Many Stocks
Admiral Mike Mullen: Cost of military health care is 'not sustainable'
Restaurants' used grease a hot item for thieves
Casino Stocks Go Bust Wednesday
Bill Gross: Say Goodbye to Double-Digit Returns
21st Sequential Weekly Outflow Confirms Investors Refuse To Be Suckered Into Stock Market

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


News Links, September 29, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Irish Rating at Risk Because of Bank Plan: Agencies
Congress Will Only Worsen China Trade Ties: US Firms
Asia to Grow 8.2% in 2010, Fastest in 3 Years: ADB
Inflation is only a debt crisis away (Forbes Global CEO Conference)
Gold Futures Jump to Record on Investor Demand as Interest Rates Stay Low
Gold "Absolutely" Still a Buy: Metal Will Double in 5 Years, Frank Holmes Says
It Is A Race To The Bottom For Global Currencies And The Winner Will Be Gold
Sovereign-debt worries check European shares
Japan: the next global time bomb? (CNN Fortune)
Introduction To The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III
U.S. Dollar Is `One Step Nearer' to Crisis as Debt Level Climbs, Yu Says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Defence chiefs and ministers to debate strategic review (UK)
Dmitry Medvedev sacks Moscow mayor to show he, not Vladimir Putin, is in charge of Russia
U.S. defends Pakistan incursion as 'self-defense'
U.S. lowers threshold for Pakistan drone strikes
Kim Jong-un appointed general in first official hint he will be next leader of North Korea
Japan demands two Chinese boats leave Senkaku area
Tensions with China show no signs of easing
China tells Japan not to interfere in disputed isles
Drones Target Terror Plot against Europe
Iran's flying boats go on display at sea
Wal-Mart could lead corporate America into Africa
The impact of Russia's ban on S-300 Iran sales
Israel gets boost in U.S. military aid
1st Indo-Japanese Military Talks Begin in Tokyo
India, U.S. to sign $3.5B defense deal
China Row Fuels Japan's Right Wing
France on high alert as officials warn of possible terrorist attacks

-- Energy/resources --
Shell increases crude oil trade with Iran - report
German government approves new energy plan, to extend life of nukes
Los Angeles 113-degree record heat triggers numerous power outages
Water Crisis Hits Western US Cities and States
UK government's oil shock warning
Mideast supertanker surplus expands as rental income falls
Saudi Arabia to extract more oil from Ghawar oilfield with new technology

-- Got food? --
'Pollination crisis' hitting India's vegetable farmers
Monsanto Shares Plunge on Weak Harvest Results
Gulf region price pressures ease, food a concern

-- Oil disaster --
BP spill: Scientists scramble to find out where the oil went
*It's been found -- check this item from yesterday.

-- Environment/health --
Telecommuting Worse for the Environment
Geoengineering series (Slate)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Has the West declared cyber war on Iran?
Unpublished Iraq War Logs Trigger Internal WikiLeaks Revolt
U.S. mounting first test of cyber-blitz response plan
"The United States is launching its first test of a new plan for responding to an enemy cyber-blitz, including any attack aimed at vital services such as power, water and banks."

-- UK --
Working-class revolution not reaching 'posh' universities
Is cash king? Credit card fees being imposed by councils
Thieves on the line: copper raids on railways hit record levels
British households pay £440 a year to be an EU member ... but don't get it back

-- US --
America on the brink of a Second Revolution: 2010 elections guarantee gridlock, anti-capitalist class war
U.S. Economy "Close to a Destructive Tipping Point," Glenn Hubbard Says
Is a parking space worth dying for?
"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared road rage to be the number one traffic problem in the nation."
*Road rage: a symptom of the epidemic of anger engulfing the nation.
Most agree, civility down since election
*As collapse proceeds, the national mood just keeps getting uglier.
Consumer Confidence Falls to Lowest Level Since February
The ugly reality of lowering debt by default
Michigan, Florida Lead 34 States With Drop in Household Income
Airline consolidations may bring higher fares
Hundreds protest FBI raids on anti-war activists
Small uptick in home values won't last; prices in many areas predicted to fall into next year
US banks and regulators 'fail' to cut money laundering
The Makings of a Trade War With China
Trucking Volume Collapses, Falls Most Month To Month Since March 2009
Ill. social service agencies beg for funds
States Are Poised to Be Next Credit Crisis for US: Whitney
Group run by FBI raid target received gov't funds

Monday, September 27, 2010


News Links, September 28, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Currency Union Teetering, 'Mr. Euro' Was Forced to Act
Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement
Rail crisis: $2.4b train plan goes off track (Oz)
European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales
Global Economy Will Suffer More Financial Crises in Next 10 Years: Roubini
Roubini Sees High Risk of a U.S. Recession, Says Japan `Anemic'
New Delhi Residents Flee Games `Fiasco' as Visitors Avoid City
50,000 manufacturing jobs in Sweden gone, trade group says
ATMs That Sell Gold Bars Are Coming Soon to America
Japan Plans Stimulus as Export Growth Slows
Brazil Warns of 'Currency War'
Yuan Legislation in U.S. Congress May Prompt Retaliation, Businesses Say
Japan consumer lender Takefuji to file for bankruptcy
China: Proudly Demolishing Buildings Before Completed In Pursuit Of The Glorious Housing Bubble Perpetual Engine

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects
India's Maoist hostage crisis deepens, cop's body found
Japan to ask China to pay for damaged patrol vessels
China Imposes Steep Tariffs on US Poultry
Chinese Customs Agents Put Extra Scrutiny on Japanese Goods
Japan Shippers say China slows handling of Japan goods
Labour Unrest In China
North Korea military appears to back Kim succession
60 Dead as Helos, Drones Strike in Pakistan (But Don't Call it a War)
Pakistan furious over Nato cross-border Taliban raids
Russian arms ban boosts Iran gunrunners
Arctic Grab Is Mad Fight for Last Oil Frontier
NATO Unveils Early Version Of 21st Century Strategy
UAE and Lebanon's military bond becomes stronger
10 Signs The U.S. Is Losing Its Influence In The Western Hemisphere

-- Energy/resources --
Are there hidden costs to over-dependence on China? Japan just found out.
Bulgaria Plans Caps On New Green Energy Assets
*Time after time we've seen that renewables turn out to be more expensive than imagined.
Electricity: China comes to Pakistan's aid again
Oil scene: A time bomb called energy poverty
Energy crisis hindering economic development
Ancient volcanic field reawakens in Saudi Arabia
Water Demand is Flash Point in Dakota Oil Boom
"Oil and gas production from the Bakken Shale is projected to use up to 5.5 billion gallons of water annually for as many as two decades."
Disappearing Ground Water
Britain's offshore windpower costs twice as much as coal and gas generated electricity
Natural Gas: Does Hydraulic Fracturing Really Cause Earthquakes
Fresh doubts hit Nigeria's 4,500km oil line to Europe
NICCI concerned over growing power shortage (Nepal)

-- Got food? --
Flooding in Nigeria worsens food shortage
NEPAL: Lack of fertilizer hampers food security

-- Oil disaster --
Scientist: At least half of spilled Gulf oil embedded in sediment and 'highly durable'
BP Well Manager Said No Warning of Blowout Before Disaster

-- Environment/health --
Los Angeles bakes at record 113 degrees

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Report: U.S. to make Internet wiretaps easier
Cloud Security fights in cyberspace

-- UK --
Bournemouth Barclays bank bricked up in loans protest
Britons' saving falls by a fifth over 2010
UK economic recovery under way, says IMF

-- US --
Book Review: 'Aftershock' is Robert Reich's take on America's economic crisis
Uber rich get richer, everyone else gets poorer, and Democrats surrender the issue (Robert Reich)
Report: Half of interstate crime guns come from just 10 states
Abandoned houses: All of a sudden, the neighborhood 'just went down'
Foreclosures and abandoned homes are taking over some neighborhoods in central Indiana
"One neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis has an entire city block where only six homes have people living in them."
Top 12 terrible signs that the recession isn't actually over (Daily Reckoning)
California eyes $5 billion bank loan
Attorney: FBI Raids Aimed at Silencing Antiwar Activists

And finally... Family of woman 'too fat' to be cremated sues French crematorium

Sunday, September 26, 2010


News Links, September 27, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Trashing the dollar to save the economy
What More Fed Easing Means For Markets: 'America On Sale'
Dubai may have to knock down buildings constructed during boom
Japan Incubator Bank refund applications reach ¥45 billion
Chinese white collar suffering 'job burnout'
Chinese Property Bust Is Morphing Into a Slow Leak: Commentary by Andy Xie
China Bars Developers With Idle Land From Buying More, Business Daily Says
Fiat Worker's Seven Cars a Year Pushes Europe Below U.S. in Capacity Use

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
The Changing Face of China's Labor Force
Captain's Release Sparks Furor in Japan
Man held after throwing flare at Chinese consulate general in Nagasaki
Japan PM rejects China's demand for apology
China's Asian Charm Offensive in `Shambles' Over Disputes With Neighbors
Medvedev calls for Russia-China friendship
North Korean elite secretly jostle for the reins of power
N. Korea to Conduct Large-Scale Military Parade
Georgia is replacing Russian with English as the country's second language
Iran's Option In Case of Attack On Its Nuclear Facilities
NATO helicopters entered Pakistan to kill insurgents
Work begins on extension to Tibet railway

-- Energy/resources --
What the world needs now: coal, sweet coal
Indian Coal Demand May Triple in Next Two Decades, Minister Says
Ethiopia Claims High Ground In Right-To-Nile Debate
Coal Fired CCS Projects Facing Funding Challenges
"Across Europe, there is likely to be private sector finance for only two demonstration projects, rather than the 12 hoped for."
The race is on for Greenland's Arctic oilfields
Electricity bills to rise in Abu Dhabi
Inuit plan Arctic-wide oil, gas, mineral summit
China may face natural gas shortage in winter - report
Shale gas revolution could lead to higher global gas prices: study

-- Got food? --
Food prices rise as Asia projects lag
Yard to skillet: A bloody lesson for backyard chicken enthusiasts
Supply disruptions push food inflation to 15.46% (India)

-- Environment/health --
Alberta unveils plan to study oil sands' impact on water quality
Waging war on bedbugs

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Is user data safe in the cloud?
Stuxnet computer code designed to infect industrial plants created by well-funded hackers
Twitter feeds and blogs tell hidden story of Mexico's drug wars
Air Force launches surveillance satellite from California
Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer's memoir
Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement" Bill (US)
UAE offers armed escorts for tankers

-- UK --
The Thanet wind farm will milk us of billions

-- US --
Cold Hard Reality Hits Oregon, Treasurer Calls for Halt in State Borrowing
Job Loss Looms as Part of Stimulus Act Expires
Bank fee Whac-a-Mole: New charges hit accounts

And finally... UN to appoint ambassador to greet space aliens

Saturday, September 25, 2010


News Links, September 26, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
On the Secret Committee to Save the Euro, a Dangerous Divide
Sagging steel demand spells trouble - Report
US Congress moves to punish China on currency
China rises and rises, yet still gets foreign aid
Chinese turn to Internet for employment
The economy can't grow forever (MarketWatch)
Fed confirms: QE2 on tap … despite dismal failure of QE1! Have these guys gone nuts??
Obama Stimulus Made Economic Crisis Worse, `Black Swan' Author Taleb Says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japan Caves In on China; Looks to U.S.
Is a rising China getting too big for its britches?
End of US-China love affair? (Newsweek)
Extremists in Sweden ride immigration wave
Russia remains opposed to Iran sanctions
U.K. Reassures Gates, Pentagon Over Defense Cuts
US, S.Korea to hold naval war games next week

-- Energy/resources --
New York Power Authority chief predicts state energy crisis
The Expensive Dream Of Clean Energy - Will High Costs Kill Merkel's Green Revolution?
Natural Gas Forecast: Peaked Production
Hess, PetroChina to Explore Oil Formations in China
China to pump $16bn into Ghana as part of soaring African investment
Massive Afghan iron ore deposit up for tender again
The cost of wind: power when we don't need it
Copper hits 5-mth highs

-- Got food? --
Food crisis: what's happened to the price of rice, wheat and maize?
*Includes downloadable spreadsheet.
FAO says food prices will be high, but no food crisis
Britain least self-sufficient in food since 1968
Why is 'food security' sparking unrest?
EU may speed up approval of genetically modified food crops
The costs of cheap meat
Brazil Crops Shrivel as Amazon Dries Up to Lowest in 47 Years
Stone-Age Diet Studied by Unilever in Quest for New Products, Times Says

-- Oil disaster --
Use of Corexit in 1978 Oil Spill Delayed Recovery by DECADES

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Mock drills held hours before real attack (India)
Commonwealth Games 2010: Athletes warned of rising terrorism threat
Saudi Arabians Will Soon Need A License To Blog
Iran's nuclear agency trying to stop computer worm
Beijing police stage anti-terror drill

-- UK --
Warning over primary school admissions crisis

-- US --
Default Is In Our Stars (Paul Krugman)
Cement industry in severe slump after housing crash
US Businessman: Blackwater Paid Me to Buy Steroids and Weapons on Black Market for its Shooters
How Safe Is California's Pipeline Infrastructure?
Berkshire billionaire: Public should 'suck it in' in hard times
"He used the example of post-World War I Germany to explain how the bailouts under Presidents Bush and Obama were 'absolutely required to save your civilization.'"
Harsh cuts loom in Trenton budget
Gov't seizes 3 failing wholesale credit unions; will resell $50 B of toxic mortgage bonds
Regulators shut small banks in Florida, Washington to bring US bank failures this year to 127
How Many People Have Exhausted All Their Unemployment Benefits?
Bank Losses Lead to Drop in Credit Card Debt

And finally... Woman fends off bear with zucchini

Friday, September 24, 2010


News Links, September 25, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Anxiety about economy has cost of gold spiking
Ireland Now 5th for Highest Government Default Probabilities in the World
Spain Pressured to Show `Hair Shirt' Budget as Yields Rise
Spain's burnt out 'babysitter grandparents' urged to strike
"The strike call threatens to disrupt the working lives of a significant proportion of the population and expose the extent to which this unpaid work is propping up the economy."
Momentum Builds Behind Chinese Workers' Protests
Get Hired In Asia
The Illusion of Prosperity Driven by Debt
U.S. Bails Out Major Credit Unions
Emerging markets can't save the world
Norway's central bank sues Citigroup

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japan 'to free' Chinese skipper at centre of row
Release of Chinese skipper raises optimism among Japanese businesses
Japan may take rare earths halt to WTO
Amid Mexican drug war, gunmen kill 10th mayor this year
Pakistan erupts after US jailing of 'daughter of the nation' Aafia Siddiqui
US Congress committee approves China sanctions bill
Sweden joins Europe-wide backlash against immigration
U.S. seeks deeper military ties with India
U.K., Saudi Arabia discuss fighter sales
Power struggle rages in North Korean regime

-- Energy/resources --
South Africa is nearing peak coal, say scientists
The Rush for Coal: Are Price Increases Coming
Germany Could See Solar Power Cap: BlackRock
"Rising costs for solar power in Germany could either trigger a further large cut in sector subsidies or a cap on new installations."
'Uranium rush' prompts Grand Canyon fears
China Hold on Metals Worries Washington
Rising Energy Demand Hits Water Scarcity 'Choke Point'
*On the little-known link between water and energy production.
Nuclear vs Solar: Clash of the Numbers
S.Korea oil firm wins control of UK's Dana
Oil prices not high considering production costs
European countries reject Atlantic oil drilling ban proposal
China May Be Drilling At Disputed Gas Field
UAE oil pipeline bypassing Hormuz Strait nearly finished
MAN UP! It's Time to Suck the Oceans Dry

-- Got food? --
Florida Orange Groves Still Shrinking, USDA Says
Vietnam Consumer Price Growth Quickened in September as Food Costs Jumped
UN warned of major new food crisis at emergency meeting in Rome
Michelle Obama treats first wives to a healthy meal

-- Oil disaster --
Gulf oil dispersant contained extremely toxic carcinogen

-- Environment/health --
N.Y., Calif., see whooping cough outbreaks

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Facebook apologizes for worst outage in 4 years
Security Expert Suggests Stuxnet Originated In Israel

-- UK --
Britain tells US 'we cannot fight another Afghanistan'

-- US --
Robert Reich: Income gap leading to 'dead' economy
FBI serves terror warrants in Minn., Chicago
"Two subjects say agency is targeting anti-war movement."
Some are leery of this year's flu shots
Farmland: The Next Boom?
*The investors and corporations who buy up farmland now will be the new aristocracy; the rest of us will be the serfs who work the land.
Underwear Economics
New Homebuyer Tax Credit Arrives but Is Destined to Fail
Last Days Of The U.S. Empire?
19 Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Will Blow Your Mind
1 in 6 Americans Live In Poverty
Cohabitation numbers jump 13%, linked to job losses
ATF targets gun dealers to stem sales to Mexican cartels

And finally... Swiss minister collapses in giggles during meat speech, video goes viral

Thursday, September 23, 2010


News Links, September 24, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Wen Says 20% Gain in Yuan Would Cause Social Upheaval
Chinese Business Gains Foothold in Eastern Europe
France faces new wave of strikes
Forget a Recession, The Empire is Crumbling
Irish economy contracts by 1.2%
PIIGS roast: Euro debt fears return
UAE prices rise fastest in 11 months on food
EADS Seeing Deep Defense Budget Cuts By Customer Nations: Report

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Chinese army hones transportation skills at SCO war games
Why You Should Learn Chinese (Time)
Four Russian Arms Deals That Worry the US
Russia to unlock major cash for arms
Why Russia is cutting off major arms sales to Iran
Iran's limited enrichment plan can work: the West should take it seriously
Relations between China and Japan worsen over filming of military targets
Killings of journalists lead to news blackouts in Mexico
Obama says U.S.-Japan alliance a security 'cornerstone'
Clinton: Senkaku Islands Subject To U.S.-Japan Security Pact
Nationalism gives Beijing little wriggle room
Defying ban, Hong Kong protesters to try again to sail to Senkaku isles

-- Energy/resources --
China Embargoes Rare Earth Exports to Japan (NYT)
China Denies NYT Reported Ban of Rare Earths Exports to Japan
Chinese shipments of rare earths to Japan stagnant, traders say
US plans to train security forces in Nigeria, a major source of crude oil
Whopper of a wind farm opens off Britain
Russia's Putin says he wants peaceful division of Arctic
Peak Gold May Be Upon Us
China Extends Africa Push With Loans, Deal in Ghana
Norway May Boost Oil Production by 16 Billion Barrels

-- Got food? --
We can build whatever animal you want to eat, say scientists

-- Oil disaster --
Large study will examine oil spill's health effects
Gulf oil spill volume estimated to be 4.4 mb from video
Exclusive: Heavy metals go untested in Gulf seafood
BP Oil Well Is Dead ... But What About the Nearby Seeps?

-- Environment/health --
USA is fattest of 33 countries
Groundwater depletion rate said doubled

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Apple May Go Where Google Won't: Facial Recognition
Seeing The Internet As An 'Information Weapon'
Facebook Down, Slows Up Large Chunk of Internet
Credit card outage hits Wal-Mart
Stuxnet virus: worm 'could be aimed at high-profile Iranian targets'
Blockbuster Worm Aimed for Infrastructure, But No Proof Iran Nukes Were Target
Cloud computing outages: What can we learn?
"Even the biggest and best cloud companies have seen their best-laid plans go to waste as their services go dark for hours at a time."

-- UK --
Suffolk County Council to outsource most services
Quango cuts: 177 bodies to be scrapped under coalition plans
Tens of thousands of UK students head abroad for work

-- US --
For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again
Struggling cities turn off street lights to save money
Stores Scramble to Accommodate Budget Shoppers
Report: Federal data center consolidation faces major time, money hurdles
Are Resentment, Frustration And Anger The Defining Feature Of The New American?
Pelosi backs bill naming China a currency manipulator
Amid Tight Budgets, Mounted Police Face Hurdles
Cash-Strapped Detroit Struggles to Stem Fires
'Survival gardens' help save cash
Housing 'Recovery' a Mirage: Short Homebuilders, Fund Manager Says
Years of Pain to Come in Residential Real Estate
Homeless resent being jailed
Squatters moving into upscale neighborhoods
Geithner Is Toast After Midterm Elections
Military Services Stung by Surprise Pop in Retirement Costs
Arizona Sheriff Forming Vigilante Group

And finally... Woman picks up children on way home from robbing bank

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


News Links, September 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Dutch face budget cut of at least 3.2bn euros
The eurozone facing new sovereign default risk
Insurers Are Likely to Boost China Commercial Property Demand
A Second Global Wave of Housing Bubble Pain
No. of welfare recipients tops 1.9 mil for 1st time since 1955 (Japan)
Spain Debt Crisis 'Exaggerated': Prime Minister
Economic Collapse Leading to Privatized Police and Corporate Mercenaries
24 trillion yuan for urban infrastructure (China)
Europe Industrial Orders Decline More Than Forecast

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Arctic claims summit gets under way in Moscow
Greek truckers march to parliament, skirmish with riot police
Syrian-Iraqi relations start to thaw
China prime minister demands captain's release
Norway to officially move military command base to former Cold War complex
Italian police probe big explosives haul
Tales of starvation and death in North Korea
Yemen goes on offensive against Al Qaeda
Fed up with plague of kidnappings, Mexicans turn to mob justice
CIA's Afghan Kill Teams Expand U.S. War in Pakistan
Russia cancels delivery of S-300 missile sytem to Iran, but deal for cruise missiles to Syria holds
NATO seeks more military cooperation with Russia
Mexican paper begs drug cartels: Tell us what we can publish
Study: Global warming, energy & food shortages, recession to cause 'industrial' failure in 10 years

-- Energy/resources --
IEA says higher oil prices hurt the world's poorest the most
Abu Dhabi to stockpile water
Forceful push to save energy (China)
Norway To Work for Russia-NATO Arctic Cooperation
Russia presents vision for Arctic wealth
Will resource production networks warn us before failing?

-- Got food? --
Coke CEO: We're Betting Big on Africa
Coca-Cola to Build New India Plant
Price Spikes Raise Spectre of Another Food Crisis

-- Oil disaster --
Exclusive: Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say
Millions of Dead Fish ... But Authorities Refuse to Test for Oil
Scientists document oil spill hydrocarbon plumes

-- Intelligence/security --
Australia Unleashes 'Cyber Storm' in Preparation of Cyber Attack
Cyberwar Risk Poses Specter Of Cyberwar Crimes
Significant Developments in Terror Threats Since 9/11, Officials Say (US)
Police chief: Threat of terror attack on France hits peak

-- UK --
Vince Cable: Royal Mail is for sale

-- US --
NYC Mayor Orders Citywide Budget Cuts
Industry experts: Less 'made in USA' puts security at risk
DREAM ACT Will Extend Poverty Draft to Immigrant Youth. Such A Deal.
Wealth transfer: Tax policies gave $400 billion to the wealthy
U.S. Home Prices Fell 3.3% in July From Year Earlier
Wal-Mart's CEO Provides The Starkest Visual Of The Modern Bread Line Yet
U.S. infrastructure in dire need of repair
Cozy cottages sell big as people downsize

And finally... Dog-owner prevented from finding microchipped pet under Data Protection Act

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


News Links, September 22, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
UN: Rich must not cut aid to poor to balance budget
Airline Profit to Fall After Peaking at $8.9 Billion, IATA Says
Petrobras Debt Sinks on Concern $78 Billion Sale Not Enough: Brazil Credit
Irish sell euro1.5 bln ($2 bln) in bonds as debt nerves ease; Spain, Greece auction T-bills too
Some in China ready to drop U.S. holdings and pour money into nation
Austrian Banks Carry €2.6 Trillion in Derivatives - Risk Unknown To Central Bank
Summit on illegal tobacco trade
Chaos in run-up to Commonwealth Games
UK public finances post record August deficit
Australian dollar hits 26-month high vs greenback
The Biggest Systemic Risk For The Financial System Is Limited Oil

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Collapse: Based on the Book by Jared Diamond (National Geographic)
Report: Russia Plans to Spend $613 Billion on Arms
U.S. bid to stem flow of weapons to Mexico cartels misfires
Global Hawk permanently based in Guam
The Game is Changing and the US is Now on the Defensive

-- Energy/resources --
Geothermal Power Waiting For Its Renaissance
Pakistan's Biggest Refinery Restarts After Six-Week Shutdown From Flooding
Finance ministry releases just enough to keep Pakistan State Oil afloat
Twenty-First Century Energy Superpower
Charles Maxwell Forecasts Peak Oil in Seven Years
Energy shortage is a global concern
India in the running for Russia's Arctic oil
Russia, China in Deal On Refinery, Not Gas
The Challenges of Drilling for Offshore Oil

-- Got food? --
Food Riots Unavoidable this Fall
Russian crop misery spreads to world's supermarkets
Reform On The Range: Cubans Heed The Call To Farm
Why grain prices could be heading higher – permanently

-- Oil disaster --
Gulf Well Is Capped, But Still 'Hell To Be Paid'
Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach: "ILLEGAL TO DIG" -- NO SAND CASTLES

-- Intelligence/security --
Extremist websites skyrocketing, says Interpol
Google releases censorship tools
Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant?
The War Against Iran Has Already Started
Feds: Privacy Does Not Exist in 'Public Places'
US lawmakers seek power to 'shut down' Web sites in other countries

-- UK --
Retailers under the cosh as cotton hits 15-year high
Science funding cuts: UK scientists struggle to 'do more with less'
U.K. Lawmakers to Study Extending Daylight Saving to Save Power
'They asked me where Bin Laden was, then they took my DNA'
University graduates 'taking jobs in call centres'
Liberal Democrat Conference: 'Oil price could double in return to 1970s style shocks'

-- US --
Despite accidents, info on gas lines is elusive
16,000 People Hit with Power Outage (San Diego)
Poof! $20B Likely Lost On GM, Says Former Auto Czar
Stimulus project tangled in bureaucracy
The Worst Is Yet To Come In Housing
Shadow Inventory, an Avalanche That's Coming Soon?
Air fares are up, up and away
Jobs picture gets worse in 27 states
Eye-Popping Chart Shows How Federal Spending Has Surged Like Never Before

And finally... Grandmother battered jewellery thieves with iron bar
Cyber crime 'is most dangerous threat' Interpol chief warns after Facebook identity stolen
Mapping Stereotypes (This is a scream.)

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