Thursday, September 30, 2010


News Links, October 1, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Anglo Irish, Allied Irish May Need As Much as $19.6 Billion
Cost of Ireland's bank bail-out to hit €40 bn
Ireland Prices Bank Rescue; Deficit at 32% of GDP
Why Debtholders Need to Get Ready for a Haircut
Dollar In A Death Spiral
Moody's Just Stripped Spain of Its Last AAA Rating
Spain Cooking the Books?
The Second Big Round Of Chinese Monetary Tightening Has Begun
Wave of strikes cripples Europe as workers vent fury at budget cuts
China: Economic Juggernaut or Overinflated Bubble?
Japan's Y2 tril currency intervention could be record high
BankUnited's CEO Kanas Says U.S. May Lose a Third of Its Banks

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Ecuador thrown into chaos, emergency state as police launch rebellion against austerity measures
Ecuador in turmoil as president denounces 'coup attempt'
Pakistan Halts NATO Supplies to Afghanistan After Attack
Musharraf warns of new military coup in Pakistan
New Poll: Pakistanis Hate the Drones, Back Suicide Attacks on U.S. Troops
'Slavery' uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europe
Afghan opium production 'halved' due to plant infection
China frees three Japanese detained in 'military zone'
Kazakh-South Korean military ties deepen
'Anti-Establishment Rage Is Fuelling Populism Everywhere' (Netherlands)
Dutch government pact bans burqa
Russian official refutes Japan's statement on Kuril Islands dispute
Russia calls Japan's island claims a dead-end
China, Russia team up on territorial claims
Medvedev forgoes visit to disputed islands, heading to Moscow
U.S. takes neutral stand toward sovereignty over Senkaku Islands
Britain and France may share nuclear deterrent
Bin Laden Told Partners To Plan Mumbai-Like Attacks, say intelligence officials
Was a Mumbai-style terror attack really 'foiled'? No operatives, no weapons...
Bomb injures 17 police officers in Dagestan
U.S. pressures Japan to boost base-hosting expenditures

-- Energy/resources --
OPEC Oil Production Declined to Eight-Month Low in September, Survey Shows
U.K. Offshore Wind Projects Need Subsidies Until 2025, Researcher Says
Russia's Pre-emptive Arctic Strike
Cuba to drill for oil in water deeper than failed BP well
Windfall: Documenting the Backlash Against Wind Energy
U.S. Ramps Up the Race for Rare Earth Metals, but It May Be Too Late
As China Clamps Down, Others Boost Rare-Earth Output
New oil drilling safety rules announced (US)
China forces firms to cut energy use
Iraq to announce big rise in oil reserves Monday
A High-Risk Energy Boom Sweeps Across North America
Study: World's 'Peak Coal' Moment Has Arrived

-- Got food? --
1 billion worldwide struggle to buy food

-- Oil disaster --
Gold rush on the Gulf: Researchers clamor for cash

-- Environment/health --
Green Firms Face Prolonged Funding Drought: Bank
World's Rivers In Crisis, Study Says
Germany Evacuates Towns South of Berlin After Record-Breaking Rainfall

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
'Feds radiating Americans'? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets
Israel's electronic warfare capabilities
Stuxnet worm heralds new era of global cyberwar
Israeli cyber unit responsible for Iran computer worm – claim
Dubai police chief says Mossad behind death threats

-- UK --
Number of millionaires in Britain 'rises to more than 280,000'
Britain faces brain drain as cuts force top scientists to leave country

-- US --
Housing: Even Worse Than You Think
California Treasurer Lockyer Calls for Ban on Muni Credit-Default Swaps
Home downsizing is booming
Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning
Foreclosure sales soar in California
Stealing beauty: Cosmetics top list of swiped goods
77% of Americans now living paycheck-to-paycheck
A Broke FDIC Expands Checking Account Insurance From $250,000 To Infinity
Study: Wars could cost $4 trillion to $6 trillion

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