Monday, September 13, 2010


News Links, September 14, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China Real Estate Needs 'Cap' To Avert Full-Blown Bubble: Executive
Borrowing by Europe Banks Soars; Market Appetite Up
More Evidence of German Banking Untruths
Energy decline and the limits of economic growth
Australian Lenders Learn Nothing from US Housing Bust
US Debt-to-Deficit Difference Hits Fresh Record
Buffett, Ballmer Predicting Bright Economic Future for US
US Posts $90.53 Billion Budget Deficit in August
Europe's 'PIIGS' Get Battered and Fried ... Again: Is America Next?
Cuba to cut one million public sector jobs
Japan Offers California Loan for $40 Billion High-Speed Train

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Continuous nuclear submarine patrols 'not guaranteed' (UK)
Pentagon Warns Britain Not to Cut Military Spending
Natural Disasters Raise Doubts Over Supply Chain Capability (New Zealand)
Mexican marines capture alleged drug lord El Grande
Japan frees 14 crew from Chinese fishing boat
US-Saudi Arabia in $60bn arms deal
Belgian ship attacked in Cameroon
Colombia readies for new assault on FARC
Iran clerics call for slaying Quran burners
Former Mossad Chief: World Must Attack Iran Now

-- Energy/resources --
'Fossil fuel reliance to last decades' - Aramco CEO
Water shortages reach crisis levels in China
China May Spend 1T Yuan On Nuclear Power
Deep cracks appear in north China farmland
Electrolytic aluminum producers in Guangxi cut production to conserve power (China)
UK Government Told To Cut 2020 Biofuels Target
*For a reality check, read this in conjunction with the following item.

-- Intelligence/security --

-- UK --
"Locals point out grimly that one of the few new shops to appear in recent months is a Pawn-Your-Gold store."

*Talk about complexity! No wonder everything's falling apart.

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