Tuesday, September 14, 2010


News Links, September 15, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
IMF fears 'social explosion' from world jobs crisis
Yen hits fresh 15-year high against US dollar
Three Powerful Trends Will Push Gold Prices To $1600
SkyRider: new 'saddle' seat allows airlines to 'cram' more passengers
Greece raises 1.17 bln euros in bond sale: official
Kabul Bank taken over by Afghanistan central bank
Here's Why China Can Never Escape Export Dependency
Global Pension Tension: September 2010
*Prepare to work until you drop.
South Korea Real-Estate Slump Could Choke Economy

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
RAF under fire as battle for shrinking defence budget turns vicious
China postpones visit to Japan amid ship dispute
U.S. military aid critical to Mexico's war on drugs
No. of cases of school violence hits new high in Japan
Another Iranian diplomat seeking asylum in West, calls for uprising against government
U.S. Faces Aging Nuclear Arsenal
US 'Non-Combat' Mission in Iraq Looking an Awful Lot Like Combat

-- Energy/resources --
Natural Gas Is the 'Fuel of the Future': Shell CEO
US oil moratorium could reduce global supply: Shell CEO
China announces new submersible craft
Why You Should Pay Attention to Copper
Taiwan likely to benefit from China power outages
Canadian company shuts down third oil pipeline
Coal to remain world's top power source over next 20 years
Global oil supplies as reported by EIA's International Petroleum Monthly for September 2010
Taliban increasingly eyeing its role in politics
Are we bracing for Energy Crisis? (India)
Forget about oil: We're running out of URANIUM!

-- Got food? --
Hunger costing poor nations £290bn a year
Breakfast in class: Fight against kids' hunger starts at school
Corporate land grabs threaten food security
U.N.: World Hunger to Fall 9.6% in 2010
World Carryover Grain Stocks Fall to 72 Days of Consumption

-- Oil disaster --
Video: Enormous Fish Kill Reported Near Gulf
Are researchers being shut out of gathering valuable data in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster?
Professor says HOMELAND SECURITY confiscated samples and NOTES with insider information on dispersant — "IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY"

-- Environment/health --
Fourth Hottest Summer on Record for the United States in 2010
Nursing shortage knows no boundaries

-- Intelligence/security --
Cellphones, social networks make eavesdropping OK?
Memphis Police Use "Heat Mapping' to Predict Crime
French magazine exposes largest 'eavesdropping' base in Israel

-- UK --
Police superintendents warn over cuts in spending
100,000 finance jobs lost since Northern Rock crisis
Commercial pressures 'will shut a UK university'
Broke Brits sell organs to wealthy Arabs

-- US --
Book sees an upside to downsizing Detroit (This is a good read.)
Aging gas pipes at risk of explosion nationwide
Aging oilfield infrastructure poses risks
Most U.S. gas lines not inspected with latest technology
Fracking for natural gas: EPA hearings bring protests
Oil spills cause gas price spike in Midwest
Laid-off workers turn to SSDI
America "Losing Ability To Chart Own Destiny"
Bank Repossession of Homes Sets New Record in August
Some former Tent City denizens back in another encampment
Atlanta Awash in Empty Offices Struggles to Recover From Binge
The New, Uglier World Of Condo Associations
States Struggle To Share Cost Of High-Speed Rail
Debt Up $1 Trillion, Gold Up $140
JPMorgan Chase's online banking site crashes
"JPMorgan Chase is blaming 'technical issues' for an outage to its online banking site that may well be one of the longest outages suffered by a major commercial operation in recent memory."
Student loan default rate creeps higher

And finally... The tao of deception: China's 'miracle' priest Li Yi accused of faking it

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