Wednesday, September 15, 2010


News Links, September 16, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
EU proposes short-selling rules
Europe's Economic Recovery Weakens
59% of Canadians Live Paycheque-to-Paycheque
Broken Budget Promises Disrupt Eastern European Highway Plans
Retirement age increases and austerity measures for French workers and Spanish royalty
Retirement on Hold: American Workers $6 Trillion Short
Global economy faces toxic threat from imbalances: U.N.
Japan Intervenes Globally, Selling Record Y2tln
Japan May Sell Yen for Second Day to Protect Economy
Global Liquidity Drying Up — Commodities, Stocks and Economies at Risk!

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Real IRA says it will target UK bankers
Call for 1,000 extra police amid growing Northern Ireland terror threat
Japan-China trawler row deepens
Burqa Is Banned in France
Thousands of Afghans stage anti-U.S. protest in Kabul
U.S Imperial Offensive: Stalled in Asia, Swarming Over Africa
China's public opinion gap: Chinese youth are starting to mistrust Beijing
Argentina beefs up military for Falklands
Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

-- Energy/resources --
Governments Racing to Secure Natural Resources
China's electricity consumption up 14.7% in August
Gap Oil, Not Peak Oil is the Problem
Russia and Norway sign border deal for Arctic energy
Abu Dhabi Paymasters Fund Fujairah Oil Export Hub to Bypass Hormuz Strait
UAE petrol price hikes send drivers to Oman

-- Got food? --
World Pays High Price For Overfishing, Studies Say
Wine Prices Are Now Seeing Enormous Price Inflation Due To China
Grain Drain (India)

-- Oil disaster --
Gulf Oil Refuses to Stay Hidden Underwater
Some crude from the Gulf oil spill has seeped into the sand
"It takes only minutes of digging into the sand to reveal a menace that experts say permanently threatens this picturesque landscape: pools of crude oil lurking less than a foot below the surface."
Final 'kill' of BP well set to happen by Sunday

-- Environment/health --
Farm labs moving crops north due to warming (Japan)
Pennsylvania Families Sue Southwestern Energy, Say Drilling Taints Water

-- Intelligence/security --
Ex-Googler Allegedly Spied on User E-Mails, Chats
BlackBerry hacking - who might be doing it?
US urges NATO to build 'cyber shield'
Do Western states spy for business secrets?
Daniel Ellsberg Calls for Release of Wikileaks "Whistleblower" Army Pfc. Bradley Manning
Mind-reading phones? The tech's evolving there

-- UK --
Five million people 'struggle for living wage'
How Peru's wells are being sucked dry by British love of asparagus
Home Secretary warns police chiefs over officer cuts

-- US --
TARP Deadbeat Bank List Tops 120 in August
U.S.: 3,500 unused Gulf wells must be plugged
Gold prices hit record highs, fuel mom and pop prospectors in US West
Tribal casino announces employee layoffs
Americans Growing More Fearful of Their Finances
Home Price Double Dip Begins
Documents show Homeland Security tracks anti-drill groups in Pa.
CNN Poll: Only quarter of public trusts government
Got muni bonds? Bankrupt, USA: Why our cities aren't too big to fail

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