Thursday, September 16, 2010


News Links, September 17, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan's Solo Run on Yen Exposes Flaw in World Export Strategy
"Nobody Is Going to Be Happy": Global Trade Tensions Heat Up
Moody's Reviews Royal Bank of Canada Debt Ratings for Possible Downgrade
U.S. Bill on China Gains Momentum
When Japan Collapses
"Japan is the Titanic and it has already hit the iceberg. It is taking on water rapidly."
Dark Clouds on the Horizon for Baltic Dry Index?
Casino capitalism: Stock market trading: Computers: 1 Investors: 0
U.S. Economy "Gradually Deteriorating," Levy Says: Recession Likely in 2011
Wine Auctions Set to Reach Record $200 Million; Prices Rise on Asia Demand
Greenspan's Warning on Gold
Greece Crime Wave Spells Boom for Security Firms in Sovereign Debt Crisis
Foreign Holdings Of US Securities Surge In July, China Again Buyer Of Treasuries As Japan Closes In On Second Place
Greece rules out possibility of default

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Turkey drifts away from the West and Britain learns to love the Iranian bomb
France faces showdown on Roma at European Union summit
China continues satellite maneuvers
Kabul Anti-US Protest Turns Deadly
North Korea says wants South talks as dark mood lifts
U.S. warns on travel to Jordan port city
Trident cash timetable could change - minister (UK)
Al Qaeda's New Target: Israel
The Irish Banking Bailout Is Getting More Expensive By The Minute And This Chart Shows Why
Pentagon to funnel US arms to Yemen to fight al-Qaeda
UN paints bleak Somalia picture
U.S. Clears Colombia For Military Assistance

-- Energy/resources --
Oil traders say business tough, see refinery stress
Energy efficiency flawed due to rebound effects
Oil sands camps have fancy lodges to retain workers (Canada)
Small wind turbines are eco-bling
Global LNG imports to rise 18% this year - BofA Merrill

-- Got food? --
Judge orders farmer to stop distributing raw milk (Canada)

-- Environment/health --
Arctic ice could be gone by 2030

-- Intelligence/security --

-- US --
Gas Pipe Killer Inferno: A Symbol Of Our Crumbling Infrastructure

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